What Does a Certificate of Authenticity Mean for Kratom Use

certificate of authenticity

Kratom is known for its many benefits, including inducing relaxation and reducing depression and anxiety. With its growing popularity, it means that the number of kratom vendors has also increased.

While many vendors claim to sell high-quality kratom, the truth is that many vendors don’t deliver on their promises.

It’s essential to conduct extensive research and make sure you’re choosing a legitimate vendor before making a purchase. Otherwise, you may waste your time and money. One of the first steps is checking that a vendor has a certificate of authenticity.

But what is a certificate of authenticity, and why is it important? Keep reading, and we’ll tell you, along with some other tips on choosing a reputable vendor.

What is a Certificate of Authenticity?

A certificate of analysis (CoA) is an important document provided with many manufactured products. These products include food, chemicals, research products, and pharmaceutical items. It reports on the production lot’s quality evaluation, guaranteeing that the product sold meets the necessary quality standards.

Receiving kratom without a certificate of analysis is a bad sign. It means it’s unlikely to have been tested and reported and may be a poor-quality product.

When buying from a supplement manufacturer, only buy products that come with a kratom certificate of authenticity.

Keep reading for some more tips on purchasing high-quality kratom from a reputable vendor.

Look for Lab Tested Kratom

Just as you’d only choose kratom with a certificate of authenticity, only select kratom that has been lab-tested.

Like CBD oils and products, kratom goes through various tests to guarantee that the supplier is selling the correct product. During testing, most kratom sellers test for metals, pathogens, and alkaloid content.

These tests are essential so sellers can show that what they’re selling isn’t dangerous to the customer. Contaminated or untested kratom can result in diseases and infections that aren’t safe for humans.

Kratom leaves should be sourced naturally, harvested carefully, and dried and cured properly. The powder should be tested thoroughly.

Unfortunately, not all kratom is produced equally. Contaminated kratom has resulted in the FDA issuing warnings to companies selling unapproved kratom products. Because of this, vendors who care about their products and customers make special efforts to ensure their products are safe for us.

While many people sell kratom online, lab testing isn’t as standard as it should be.

A certificate of authenticity with your kratom order should show you clearly that the products have been tested in a lab for safety and quality.

Check Qualifications

You should also check the vendor’s qualifications before purchasing kratom. Before you pick which supplier to choose from, you must check that they’re authentic. You don’t want to deal with a fraudulent or negligent supplier, so it’s a good idea to check their qualifications.

The easiest way to discover a supplier’s qualifications is to look them up online.

Do they have a website? Have they joined the GMP compliance program? Do they test their products for safety in a lab?

Do they have a certificate of authenticity?

Without checking a supplier’s qualifications, you may end up with contaminated or low-quality products. Usually, these suppliers are the ones selling kratom at what seems like ridiculously low prices. Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Before you hit the checkout button, have a thorough look at the vendors’ qualifications. By checking their qualifications, you can soon discover whether they’re genuine or not.

Beware of Garage Vendors

As mentioned, there are many kratom sellers out there that lack quality control and try to sell poor quality products. They typically operate in their homes, apartments, or garages and sell untested products that aren’t appropriately handled.

Most of the products are dirt cheap and can be sold in fewer quantities.

These products are often at risk for contamination and aren’t safe for human consumption. Plus, the products may also be sourced from countries that don’t grow the best quality kratom.

Excellent kratom suppliers source their kratom products from Southeast Asian countries where the product is grown initially. Countries like Indonesia grow kratom plants in the perfect climate and location.

While following the tips on this list will help you avoid garage vendors, it’s essential to be aware of these types of setups.

Speak to the Vendor

If you’re unsure about a vendor and can’t see anything about a certificate of authenticity or lab testing on their website, it’s a good idea to speak to them directly. Speaking with a supplier either on the phone or via email helps you understand if they’re knowledgeable and reputable in the world of kratom.

Find a supplier who’s accessible, friendly, and willing to answer all of your questions. A good vendor will be more than happy to share their credentials and qualifications with you. However, if you’re met with negativity and a defensive attitude, this suggests that the vendor may not be trustworthy.

Many reputable and high-quality kratom sellers provide additional articles and advice to inform customers about the history, use, and benefits of kratom. They may also make it essential that they are available to customers to answer questions about kratom and grow their confidence in understanding it.

Keep an eye out for suppliers that put effort and value into their content and customer support. If a brand offers a customer newsletter, quick customer support, blog content, and more, that’s a good sign. It shows that the supplier cares enough about its customers to put time and effort into helping them.

A good content and customer support strategy enables brands to proactively answer and address the questions and queries raised by clients. It allows them to build a strong and active community of kratom users dedicated to their wellness journey.

Check Reviews and Recommendations

Another excellent way to decide whether to shop from a kratom vendor or not is to read reviews from different sources online. Reviews are word-of-mouth testimonials that help you gauge the quality of products. Responses to any negative or positive reviews can also help you see how the brand treats and speaks to its customers, which is another indication of a quality company.

But again, you must be careful, as some reviews are fake. Especially be wary of reviews on the website of the product, as the vendor can add these.

If the website doesn’t have any reviews, try searching the product and brand name on the internet with the word ‘review.’ You’re likely to come across some other websites and forums where the brand and products are discussed.

If you’re torn between two similar brands or products, then checking the reviews is a good way to decide. Reviews from customers should help you get a better idea of what to expect from the kratom product.

If you have friends that use kratom, talking to them is a good idea. You can receive recommendations and determine which brands, products, and strains you’d like to try.

The chances are that your friends maybe have used a vendor or two that you’ve never seen, so you’ll be able to chat about your options. Discussing your options with friends is also helpful because it can give you a good sense of security about the products.

However, remember that your friends may have different priorities when choosing a kratom seller. Be sure to do your research, too, and always check if the vendor offers a certificate of authenticity. For all you know, your friend may value a low price for kratom instead of safety and quality.

The Importance of a Certificate of Authenticity

In the saturated kratom marketplace, it can be challenging to find trustworthy vendors from the pick. That’s why it’s essential to check for a certificate of authenticity when choosing a kratom seller. You should also follow the rest of our tips in this guide to help you select a reputable kratom supplier.

Here at Etanicals, we want you to feel confident and secure in your kratom choices, so you feel supported on your journey to well-being, calm, and balance in your life.

Remember, quality kratom vendors will be happy to share their certificates of authenticity with you. They’re also likely to have an established website to browse so you can have a better idea of their products. From the website, you should also have access to the vendor’s qualifications and any customer reviews.

Here at Etanicals, we’re proud to sell high-quality kratom products that have been meticulously tested. Feel free to browse our website and shop to learn more about our brand and products. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.


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