What Are the Best Kratom Strains?

kratom strains

Kratom has recently become popular for its incredible therapeutic benefits, including assisting with pain relief and anxiety.

But, to enjoy the therapeutic effects that you’re looking for, you must choose the right kratom strains.

The various strains of kratom are identified by their area of origin and the shade of the vein in that specific variety of leaves. All kratom strains available in the United States are exported from southeast Asian island nations.

It’s also essential to know that while the FDA doesn’t officially approve kratom as a herbal supplement, it’s a legitimate product in many US states.

Remember, kratom strains vary greatly. While some induce their effects quickly, others may take a while. But, the strains that are slower and steadier are more likely to offer a longer-lasting experience.

Ready to learn more about the many kratom strains available? Keep reading.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is otherwise known as mitragyna speciosa. It’s a tropical plant from the coffee species. It grows and develops in the hot and humid jungles of countries in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and more.

The plant has been used for centuries by locals for medicinal purposes. Since then, the plant has been growing in popularity quickly thanks to its wide selection of benefits.

Smaller quantities of kratom can result in stimulating effects. Larger doses lead to more sedative and narcotic effects.

Kratom plant leaves are collected at various stages. Then, they’re dried following certain processes. This is how different kratom strains are developed to provide a wide range of flavors and benefits.

More than 40 alkaloids have been discovered in kratom leaves, making it an extremely strong herb. The two primary benefits of using kratom are pain relief and relaxation.

Kratom offers properties that help to do the following:

Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom is one of the best kratom strains on the market. It first originated from Thailand and is packed with a high concentration of alkaloids.

This strain is also replicated in other southeastern countries thanks to its growing popularity. There are two main categories of maeng da kratom: red and white strains.

Maeng Da Kratom sometimes is a blend of the two. This is great because it comes with the beneficial properties of both varieties.

All kratom strains can help reduce pain, but Maeng Da is known to be the best for reducing pain among the strains. That’s because the pain-relieving alkaloids are present in a more significant concentration in Maeng Da kratom.

Maeng Da is also excellent for improving alertness and boosting energy. Even after long days of consistent work, many people say this plant product helps them remain alert and focused. When maeng da is taken as a tea or inhaled, it may also improve concentration.

As maeng da is full of the properties of red and green vein kratom, it is excellent for uplifting the mood. It triggers the feel-good hormones in the body, helping you become happy, calm, and relaxed.

Borneo Kratom

Borneo kratom refers to a selection of varieties, including red and white Borneo. As you may have guessed, they grow in Borneo island in southeast Asia.

The Borneo kratom strains feature high quantities of 7-hydroxymitragynine. If you suffer from chronic pain, require an energy pick me up during the day, or are looking for something to relax you, Borneo kratom is an excellent choice.

Red Borneo, in particular, seems to give users the best of both worlds, providing pain relief and relaxation.

Many kratom enthusiasts even claim red Borneo is the best relaxing agent out there and works excellently as a stress buster. It’s argued to be the best kratom strain for relieving anxiety, stress, and physical tiredness.

High quantities of red Borneo are known to treat insomnia and promote better sleep, too. Plus, red Borneo is a wonderful mood booster. Red Borneo is packed full of highly potent dopamine mediators, which can help improve the user’s mood.

After taking red Borneo powder or a capsule, you’re likely to feel relieved, positive, and happy. Because of this, red Borneo kratom is often used to treat depression.

The active compounds found in red Borneo also help you to manage pain well. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or experiencing chronic pain, red Borneo kratom may be the solution for pain management.

Not only is red Borneo teeming with favorable medicinal properties, but it’s also famous for its recreational benefits. The right dose of the red Borneo kratom can promote a sense of pleasure and wellbeing. Users can enjoy a premium euphoric effect without the need for any illegal substance.

Bali Kratom

Bali Kratom is another popular strain that grows in the paradise island of Bali in Indonesia. Bali kratom is traditionally one of the most loved strains among users, thanks to its high potency rates. As well as containing high levels of alkaloids, Bali kratom is also one of the most affordable strains available.

Whether chewed, brewed, or powdered, there are many benefits of the red vein Bali strain in particular.

First is that red vein Bali is known to be the most powerful kratom strain to induce relaxation. Many users claim the euphoria and calm they experience after using red vein cannot compare to any other.

The calming effect of red Bali can also soothe someone who’s feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed.

Red Bali also boosts your energy. When coffee isn’t enough to perk you up, try red Bali kratom to kill your tiredness. The sedative alkaloids in red vein Bali are also excellent in promoting better sleep in users too.

Some people experiencing insomnia or sleeping disorders may take larger quantities of red vein Bali kratom to help enhance the quality of their sleep.

Aside from its health benefits, red vein Bali is also readily available year-round. The plants grow quickly and can be processed faster when compared to many other kratom strains. Because of this, there’s always a healthy supply of the product available.

Plus, the red vein Bali strain is more affordable than the green or white vein variants.

Sumatra Kratom

As you may assume, Sumatra kratom is grown on Sumatra island in Indonesia.

The levels of alkaloids in this strain are considerably low compared to others, meaning the effects on the body are mild. This mild effect makes it an excellent option for people testing out kratom to see if it’s for them before moving onto more powerful strains.

Sumatra is typically infused in drinks, food, and desserts.

How to Buy the Best Kratom Strains

The best way to use kratom is first to find the highest quality vendor available. There are plenty of kratom brands on the market, so it’s easy to get confused.

To receive excellent quality kratom, you must purchase from a reliable and reputable vendor. Look for brands selling pure and organic strains, even if they’re priced on the higher end of the scale. Cheap products can disappoint you and may even have adverse effects.

You should also look for lab-tested kratom products. If kratom products are lab-tested, you can receive assurance that they are authentic products.

A brand with a diverse product range can offer a vast collection of kratom strains to cater to all their customers. A good product line proves that the brand sources its raw material from reliable and regular users.

If you’re still unsure about a kratom brand, have a look at what their customers say. Most online stores will have customer reviews available to browse. Going through them can give you a better understanding of a particular vendor and their kratom products.

If a brand has many positive reviews over a long period, this is a great sign.

Which of These Kratom Strains Do You Want to Try?

To enjoy the right therapeutic effects from kratom, you must buy and experiment with kratom strains that you think are right for you.

Remember that even with the highest quality kratom strains, it’s essential to purchase from the best online vendors and ensure that it’s safe. Most importantly, you should make sure that the kratom strain was tested by a third-party laboratory, so you know it’s safe to use.

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