Using Kratom For Energy: Your Solution To Insomnia!

kratom for energy

Did you know that about 70 million Americans suffer from one type of sleep disorder or another? We’re talking about little horrors like insomnia, sleep apnea, and other unwanted guests like narcolepsy. 

This is where versatile natural herbs like kratom come to the rescue. Kratom is unique in its ability to provide different effects to the human body depending on the strain used, as well as the dosage.

From giving you a boost of energy to inducing a state of relaxation that will have you snoozing in no time, figuring out the right strain of kratom for energy is key to get the results that you want. 

Keep on reading for our full breakdown of different kratom strains for both energy and sleep purposes. 

Kratom for Energy 101: The Best Strains

So your insomnia has struck again, yet you have a full weekday of tasks that you need to tackle. This is when using the energetic blends of kratom can be a lifesaver. 

When it comes to the MVP of kratom energetic strains, nothing can beat the variety of white kratom strains. However, by keeping your state of sleeplessness in mind, going for green blends might be the best option for you.

After all, every kratom strains come with secondary benefits, so if you’re also dealing with anxiety or depression, then check out some of these green strains that will be a great two-birds-with-one-stone solution for you.

Green Maeng Da Kratom

Let’s start with some of the most potent of kratom strains, and that would be the Green Maeng Da

This strain is well known for its great uses for boosting energy while providing anxiety relief at the same time. However, do keep in mind that while Green Maeng Da can be considered “euphoric,” it’s not as stimulating as other strains like White Maeng Da or even White Thai. 

Yet, it’s much more energizing than many other white strains. The great thing about this strain is its great balance of proving energy with anxiety relief, without the overstimulation that can be a bit too much in using a powerful white strain. 

White Thai Kratom

Alright, so you might already be familiar with the mellower strains of green kratom. White Thai kratom is the next stepping stone if you’re looking for something with a higher boost of energy and euphoria. 

Now, for the uninitiated ‘euphoria’ might sound a bit scary and extreme. However, the truth is these euphoric effects counteract the spiky feelings of anxiety that you might be dealing with on a daily basis. It’s a great strain for you to start your day with. 

On the other hand, if you’re still a bit new to kratom or you’re someone who’s sensitive to caffeine and other stimulating substances, then start small. 

If you’re still experiencing more overstimulation than you’d prefer, it’s perfectly alright to jump back to green strains of kratom. 

White Maeng Da Kratom

You might be on the other end of the spectrum of stimulation, and you need something a bit more potent than the previous strains we’ve mentioned. We’d like to introduce you to this monster of a strain, the White Maeng Da kratom. 

Believe it or not, this strain of kratom was specifically designed to be the most potent strain on the market when it comes to stimulation and getting an energy boost. 

For comparison reasons, the White Maeng Da is higher on the stimulation scale than White Thai. However, it’s less euphoric in nature. Therefore, if anxiety is a solid concern for your workday, sticking with the White Thai might give you better results. 

On the other hand, if all you’re worried about is not falling asleep after your extreme bouts of insomnia, then there is nothing stronger than White Maeng Da for energy. 

Green Malay Kratom

At this point, you might want to take a step back from the pure-energy stimulation that the white strains are rather good at delivering. 

Going for a Green Malay is a great way to get the best of both worlds. You can achieve high levels of stimulation with the added benefits of high euphoric properties that the strain is rather well known for. 

For instance, if you’re facing motivation and anxiety issues, as well as mild pain problems, the Green Malay strain can tackle all three problem areas equally. 

White Sumatra Kratom

When it comes to dealing with chronic pain, the White Sumatra kratom strain delivers due to its well-known analgesic characteristics. The main drawback of white strains is their lack of pain relief properties.

However, the White Sumatra strain breaks the mold by providing solid pain relief mixed with bits of energy. It’s a fantastic option for you if you’re dealing with sleep issues tangled with pain management problems. 

How Kratom Boosts Your Energy

You might be feeling a bit overwhelmed at the variety of options available on the market, especially when it comes to energy-boosting kratom strains. 

Yet, it’s still necessary to understand how kratom works in your body to increase your energy levels. 

In the simplest of terms, all you need to know is that kratom contains two specific types of alkaloids, and those are Mitragynine and 7-Hydroximitragynine. 

These two magical components are the main drivers of generating energy in your body via binding to your opioid receptors in your brain, thus triggering a variety of different reactions in the body. 

For example, kratom can mitigate the effects of anxiety and depression in the body by releasing serotonin and endorphins. In addition, you’ll find yourself feeling more energetic due to the kratom’s ability to stimulate the delivery of oxygen-rich blood to your muscles. 

Another great benefit of using kratom is its ability to reduce pain and create an analgesic effect in the body via releasing endorphins, which can numb your pain receptors. 

Using Kratom for Sleep and Dealing With Insomnia

After detailing the variety of different strains available to you for boosting your energy after a poor night’s sleep, it’s time to look at strains that induce sleep and relaxation. 

This is the beauty of kratom. Regardless of the effects you’d like to induce in your body, there are strains and dosages that are suitable for your case. 

Red Vein Kratom

When it comes to inducing sleep, you’ll want to aim for a category of strains that have a sedative effect when taken in specific dosages. 

The Red Vein strains of kratom are rich with different alkaloids that interact with your opioid receptors to the effect of relaxation and a mild state of euphoria. These sedative-inducing chemicals are some of the following:

  • Mitragynine
  • 7-hydroxymitragynine
  • Mitraphylline
  • Speciogynine
  • 9-hydroxycorynantheidine

Furthermore, it’s important to understand that these alkaloids don’t simply aim for relaxation alone. These chemicals work at cross-purposes in order to enhance your mood and ease the burden of anxiety symptoms that are probably underlying your insomnia and sleep issues. 

Also, they tend to act as mild analgesics to decrease any pain that might be preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep. 

The Right Kratom Strains for Insomnia

If you’re simply looking for the right umbrella of kratom strains to deal with insomnia, you’ll find that the majority of red strains will do the job. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for specific strains that have proven to work well as sleep aids, by not only relaxing your body but also making you feel more tired, then there are three core strains that reign supreme: the Sumatra, the Bali, and the Borneo strains. 

When it comes to the Red Vein Sumatra, you’ll find that it’s a more forgiving red strain of kratom that works to combat insomnia, as well as tackling anxiety or chronic pain issues at the same time. 

Moreover, the Red Bali strain is more known for its strong analgesic properties, as well as its effectiveness as a sleep aid. However, keep an eye out for strong feelings of euphoria. If you’re not as enthused about the whole ‘euphoria’ feels, then you might like the Red Borneo better. 

That red strain is a rather strong sedative that can help ease your pain, stress, as well as boost your mood. It’s a great all-purpose kratom strain for a good night’s rest.

How to Use Kratom for Insomnia

Getting to know the different top kratom strains for insomnia is one thing, but learning how to dose them properly is key to getting the most out of your kratom powder. 

The rule of thumb is to use one gram of kratom powder per 100 pounds of body weight. This can be your comfortable starting point. However, if you’re an experienced kratom user, then you can add a bit more to get a stronger hit of this kratom strain’s sedative powers. 

Ready to Have a Better Quality Sleep and Work?

There’s nothing more powerful than tackling your sleeping issues on both sides of the spectrum: the night before’s sleep quality, as well as the kratom for energy in the morning.

Throughout this article, we broke it down for both purposes with the key kratom strains listed for your own convenience. Yet, your kratom journey is just beginning.

Therefore, make sure to check out our blog for all the tips and tricks your heart desires on kratom and anxiety relief, as well as our store for the best-quality kratom powders, capsules, and tinctures all available to you at a click of a button.

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