The Ultimate Guide on How to Make Kratom Stronger

how to make kratom stronger

Did you know that a study done on more than 2,700 Kratom users found out that this plant has a lower rate of causing harm in comparison with prescription opioids? In other words, Kratom products cause fewer side effects than drugs prescribed to treat chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. This is a good reason why Kratom pills and Kratom tea are becoming so popular these days. But do you know how to make Kratom stronger?

This plant can be enhanced with different ingredients to improve its flavor and potency. 

Keep reading to learn more about Kratom dosage, how to use Kratom, and how to spice it up using common ingredients in your kitchen.

A Brief Introduction to Kratom

Without getting into too many details, Kratom is an increasingly popular plant originating from Southeast Asia. The Kratom tree that can be found in Malaysia and Thailand produce aromatic Kratom leaves.

These leaves have been chewed by local workers for centuries. Kratom has medicinal properties and in high doses, it can have a sedative effect. Today, Kratom is used to boost your mood, alleviate chronic pain, and even help with opioid withdrawal.

Kratom is legal in most American states and it can be bought from health food stores or online vendors. You can buy it in the form of pills, creams, tea, or powder. However, regular users have discovered ways to make this plant even stronger by combining it with different types of ingredients.


Turmeric is an Indian spice that has been used for thousands of years. Its most active ingredient, curcumin, has amazing healing properties and it can improve your immune system. Turmeric extract itself also has a lot of antioxidants and it can potentiate the effects of Kratom.

The antioxidants in turmeric combined with the ones in Kratom tea create a powerful healthy cocktail. This mixture will easily fight common bacteria, viruses, and microbes, protecting you against illnesses and cellular damage.

You can simply add turmeric extract to your daily Kratom tea or take it in combination with Kratom pills. Some people also add curcumin extract directly to their Kratom tea to improve its flavor and taste.

Citrus Fruit

You can also make Kratom tea taste better by adding a few slices of lemon or grapefruit to the mixture. Some people combine Kratom tea with citrus juice directly. In any case, this combination works wonders because the citrus component enhances the absorption of the active ingredients in Kratom.

As a result, your body gets more of the “good stuff” found in Kratom tea, powder, or pills. In addition, citrus fruits also have their own antioxidants and vitamins including vitamin C. These will improve your immune system and prevent colds or the common flu.

Black Pepper

This probably sounds like an unusual combination, but once you read the logic behind it, it will make sense. Black pepper is known for its ability to increase the absorption of a certain ingredient, vitamin, or combination of nutrients.

Curcumin, for example, is commonly formulated as a supplement in combination with black pepper. That’s because curcumin has poor body absorption and black pepper can increase it. As a result, your digestive system absorbs more of the antioxidants and vitamins in curcumin.

The same story is true when it comes to Kratom tea. Adding a small amount of black pepper to your Kratom tea will help your body get more of the alkaloids present in this plant. You will feel Kratom’s stimulating effects even more profoundly.

On top of that, black pepper contains antioxidants by itself and it completely changes the way Kratom tastes. You probably don’t want to try this mixture every day, but once in a while, it’s a good idea to add black pepper to your Kratom products.

Dark Chocolate

The last combination was spicy, this one is a bit sweeter. As you probably know already, dark chocolate is one of the healthiest snacks out there. It contains a plethora of antioxidants that help your body fight viruses and bacteria.

Dark chocolate also has positive effects on your blood pressure and it can stimulate your brain to produce more endorphins. It makes sense to combine it with Kratom products as it can potentiate its effects.

For example, you can simply eat a few pieces of dark chocolate while you’re drinking your Kratom tea or taking Kratom pills. Both of these ingredients will mix in your stomach and they will potentiate each other at the same time.


Mixing Kratom products with coffee is not uncommon. Coffee has the property of stimulating your brain and increasing your productivity. Kratom products can do the same thing if they are administered in small doses.

Combining those two products will eventually lead to an even more stimulating cocktail that brings health benefits too. You can take your Kratom pills with coffee in the morning or drink Kratom tea and a cup of coffee back-to-back.

However, remember that both these liquids have powerful stimulating properties. You shouldn’t try this mixture every day. Use it for those moments when you feel really sleepy and you need to be in your A-game at work. 


Magnesium is an important mineral that controls a lot of body functions. You usually take it from food or take magnesium supplements. However, you should combine it with Kratom because it can reduce your body’s tolerance to this plant.

Every drug or substance you ingest, whether it’s natural or made in a lab, will have an effect on your body. Your system responds by building tolerance to it so that you feel its effects less and less every time. That’s why alcoholics need to drink more and more alcohol to get the same state of “high” as before.

In our case, magnesium helps to reduce your body’s tolerance to Kratom, so you don’t necessarily have to increase the dosage. At the same time, the addition of magnesium will potentiate Kratom’s beneficial effects because it “disables” your body’s natural protection mechanisms.


This might seem like a weird one, but it’s not. As you probably already know, CBD oil is useful to treat different types of chronic pains. It also has other properties such as improving your mood and sleep quality.

Kratom has similar effects on your body when it’s consumed in small amounts. It makes sense to combine these two for a more powerful stimulating or sedating effect. For example, you can add a few CBD oil drops in your Kratom tea and get a potion that could easily alleviate chronic pains.

Remember that CBD oil has little to no THC content. THC is the substance that makes you high. If you combine good quality CBD oil with good quality Kratom tea, you will not feel euphoric, but more calm and relaxed. This combination is best used before going to bed to improve your sleep.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is usually added to different meals or ingredients to improve their aroma or taste. At the same time, apple cider vinegar itself has amazing properties on the human body. It can lower blood pressure, help your body eliminate more toxins, etc.

Adding apple cider vinegar to your Kratom tea is the right thing to do. It will potentiate its effects while improving the flavor and taste of this beverage. Just a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar is usually sufficient for a pot of Kratom tea.


Chamomile is known for its relaxing and calming effects. Chamomile tea is usually served before going to bed so you can have a restful sleep. However, it can also be combined with Kratom tea or other Kratom products to enhance their effects on your health.

As you probably already know, small doses of Kratom stimulate you. Higher doses can sedate you and make you sleep better. Ideally, you want to add a slightly higher dose of Kratom to your chamomile tea so that these two ingredients potentiate each other better. 

You can also do it the opposite way. You can add chamomile extract to your Kratom tea to improve its taste and aroma. This combination works excellent for those who experience sleep problems.

Cayenne Pepper

We talked about using black pepper to spice up your Kratom products, but you can also use cayenne pepper. This spicy ingredient will also improve the absorption of Kratom antioxidants into your body. Cayenne pepper powder can be bought from most health food stores and it adds a distinct aroma to your tea as well.

On top of that, cayenne pepper has proven health benefits. For example, it might spike up your metabolism and help your body burn more calories throughout the day. Cayenne pepper can also reduce blood pressure because it will dilate your blood vessels.

In some cases, cayenne pepper extract is used to treat chronic pain in different patients. This is where it blends perfectly with Kratom as Kratom products are widely used to alleviate chronic pains in the body.


Who doesn’t like sweet beverages or foods? Manufacturers of processed foods and beverages know that a sweet meal is highly palatable and that’s why they add sugar to different ingredients or drinks. However, sugar is known to promote inflammation in the body, not to mention that it can lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes type 2.

If you want to stay away from sugar, you are probably doing the right thing. However, you don’t have to be stuck with sour drinks or foods for the rest of your life. This is where stevia comes into play. Stevia is a sugar substitute derived from a plant.

It’s a natural product that adds sweetness to your foods and beverages without having the side effects of sugar. Stevia is widely used in the supplementation industry to improve the taste of supplements without adding sugar.

You can also use it for your Kratom tea. Stevia can be bought from any supermarket and it adds a dose of sweetness to your Kratom products. You can also combine it with other beverages such as coffee, milk, and so on.

Valerian Root

As you probably already know, many people use Kratom products for recreational purposes. This plant can induce a mildly euphoric state in higher dosages and this can help people relax, get rid of stress, and/or sleep better.

It has been discovered that valerian root can potentiate these Kratom effects on the human body. If you have a lazy afternoon without much work to do, add valerian root extract to your Kratom tea. You’ll eventually enter a trance-like state that will relax you and recharge your batteries.

Many people do this while watching their favorite movies or sporting events. Just make sure that you don’t exaggerate with your Kratom dosages and don’t combine it with other drugs such as alcohol.

Just Take It on an Empty Stomach

Any substance taken on an empty stomach is absorbed better by the body. That’s why most people drink coffee the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The caffeine in this beverage will immediately stimulate your brain, so you can start your day on the right foot.

Kratom tea early in the morning can have a similar effect. Drink it warm as water at a higher temperature has a more profound effect on your system. Kratom products taken on an empty stomach will not only have a more powerful effect, but they taste better too.

Now You Know How to Make Kratom Stronger!

As you can see, you have many options and possibilities when it comes to how to make Kratom stronger. This plant is highly beneficial for your body in the right quantities, but you can take it to the next level using various spices and ingredients.

As long as you have fun and enjoy Kratom responsibly, you should be fine. And when you’re running out of Kratom supplies, make sure that you check out our collection of Kratom products. 

We source our Kratom from trustworthy farms and we go the extra mile to deliver it on time to our customers, so buy with confidence!

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