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According to a recent survey done by Gallup, approximately 1 in 7 American adults now regularly use CBD products. This is a quick jump considering many states did not legalize the use of CBD until 2018.

The popularity of CBD products evolved when it became recognized as a natural way to reduce the symptoms of chronic pain and anxiety, amongst many other benefits. Since then, many CBD distributor companies are popping up both online and brick-and-mortar shops, hoping to make a profit from this booming industry.

The only problem with this, is how do you know which CBD distributor is a reputable company? How can you ensure that the CBD oil brand has integrity and offers a high-quality product? 

The last thing you want is to spend a lot of money purchasing CBD products and realize they contain low-grade ingredients. 

Do not worry, we created this guide to help you discover how to find and select the best CBD distributor, so you can reap the benefits of high-quality CBD and improve your quality of life. 

Why is CBD So Popular? 

Before we cover how to find the best CBD distributor, it is important that you know and understand CBD in the first place. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a derivative of the cannabis plant, which offers many health benefits. 

The main benefit of CBD is that it contains all the benefits, yet it doesn’t have any THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content, which is the compound that causes the psychoactive effect. Many people prefer CBD because they want the health benefits, yet they want to be able to function without the “stoner’s high”.

There are many more benefits of using CBD products, check out our guide to the benefits of CBD to learn more. 

Choose Which CBD Products You Want

To know more about which CBD distributor is the best fit for your needs, you need to know what your needs actually are. This depends on your symptoms, lifestyle, preferences, and other variables.

This is because some CBD distributors specialize in topical products, while others may specialize more in oral CBD products such as CBD oils. If you want both, your best bet is to find a company that is highly reputable for selling both. This way you do not have to deal with shipping from two different CBD businesses. 

Topical CBD Products

The topical route of CBD involves directly applying a CBD cream, lotion, or balm onto your skin. These products are absorbed through your skin’s cannabinoid receptors which creates a local pain relief. 

Unfortunately, the effects can take up to one hour to feel results. So if you are feeling a lot of pain, you are better off taking the oral CBD. It is also hard to know how much CBD is actually in the product, so you may want to use CBD oil and learn how to make your own topical CBD salves. 

Oral CBD Products 

The most common way to consume CBD is oral, as it provides fast and effective results. Depending on your weight, age, and other factors such as when you last ate, the CBD effects can happen as soon as 20 minutes. 

Perhaps one of the best benefits of taking CBD oil is because the effects can last up to 5 hours. This can help if you do not have the time to keep taking more, or if you suffer from chronic pain or anxiety. 

CBD Vaping 

Aside from oral consumption, CBD vaping has become a very popular route of taking CBD. All you have to do is simply heat the CBD vape oil in the vape pen, then inhale it. This is the fastest way of consuming CBD, as you do not have to wait for it to pass through your digestive system.

Some of the biggest benefits of using a vape pen are better sleep, reduced pain, reduced nausea, and anxiety relief. 

Choose Which Type of CBD You Want

CBD is not a one-size-fits-all compound, in fact, there are three main types of CBD. Each type provides a different benefit, and knowing which type you want, will help you select which CBD distributor to choose from. 

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is the easiest type to measure and control because it is solely cannabidiol and nothing else. This is perfect for those who want to make sure there is no THC content in their product. The product is 99% pure, which takes out any questions about other ingredients in the products.

Full-Spectrum CBD

Full-Spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids of the plant, including approximately 0.3% THC. This product provides the best results as you can receive the benefits of nearly 100 cannabinoids. Full-spectrum CBD will help you to balance your body’s entire endocannabinoid system.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD is like the middle child between CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD, as it contains all the cannabinoids, yet there are no traces of THC. This means that you can receive the benefits of the combination of compounds, yet you will not have any psychoactive effects.

Now that you understand the different types of CBD and CBD products, we will now cover how you can find the best CBD distributor to purchase the products from. 

Ensure The Product is Third-Party Tested  

Not every CBD oil distributor is the same, in fact, many companies lack the safety and integrity of their CBD products. The best way to avoid this is to ensure that the product has been third-party tested. This way, you know that their claims are not biased and that they truly have the quality of products that they claim.

You can ensure this by checking for a certificate of authenticity (COA). With Etanicals, every one of our products has been both third-party lab tested and has a certificate of authenticity. 

Check For Online Reviews

Aside from the certificate and quality, you want to ensure that you are purchasing from a company that has integrity and good customer service. The best way to do this is to check for customer reviews. Customer reviews are the number one way to find out if the CBD business does this for money, or if they have integrity and choose this industry because they care.

That being said, reading reviews is all about percentages. Do not be put off if only 5% of their reviews are negative, as there are people that have a negative outlook and focus on what’s wrong with the product. What you want is a high percentage of positive reviews that talk about effectiveness, customer service, delivery, and refunds. 

Check For Qualifications

Before choosing the CBD oil distributor, make sure that they hold the right qualifications to sell the CBD in the first place. This will help you to filter out the poor quality distributors from the good ones.

The easiest way to check for their qualifications is to look them up online. Typically, you should find their certificate of authority on their website, yet if you don’t, either ask them directly or check if they are on the GMP-compliance program list.

By checking for their qualifications, you will be able to tell if they are genuine or not.

Listen To Your Gut

The most important and accurate decision-making tool we have as human beings is our intuition. Yet the problem is, most people tend to forget how to use it.

When you found a CBD distributor that you are unsure about, check in with yourself first. You will also want to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does their quality reflect the price point of their product
  2. Does it sound too good to be true (then it probably is)
  3. Do they have too many miracle claims?
  4. Is it too cheap?
  5. Is it too expensive in comparison to the market?
  6. How are their reviews?
  7. How are their responses to their reviews?

By listening to your gut, and asking yourself these questions, you can better prepare yourself with discovering the best CBD business to purchase from.

Talk to The CBD Distributor Directly 

If you are feeling unsure about a particular CBD distributor, yet want to know a bit more, all you have to do is ask them directly. Speaking with them either by email or on the phone will give you a better sense of their customer service, level of quality, and integrity.

If they sound desperate and trying to do everything to sell to you, we highly suggest looking somewhere else. A company that has good-quality products know they do, and will never try to prove anything. 

Learn More About Purchasing High-Quality CBD Oil

Finding a good CBD distributor can sometimes feel like a challenge, as there are thousands of options now available online. Now that you know how to find and select the best CBD distributor, all you have to do is make a decision and reap the benefits of the product.

With Etanicals, we want you to feel comfortable and confident with your decision on the best CBD products for your needs. To learn more, take a look at our shop and see all of our products.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at any time. 

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