The Complete History of Kratom

History of Kratom

Did you know that almost 15 million US citizens use Kratom regularly for recreational purposes or therapeutic effects? This plant is slowly becoming very popular in the US as it offers surprising health benefits when it’s consumed in small quantities. But do you know the history of Kratom?

Are you aware of its roots and the miraculous Kratom effects everyone is talking about? If you don’t then keep reading. This article is going to get you through the history of Kratom and reveal how it has helped thousands of people for hundreds of years.

Kratom Comes From Southeast Asia

Kratom might be relatively new to Western culture, but this plant has been used for medicinal purposes for a long time in Southeast Asia. The Kratom leaves you can buy today come from the tropical Kratom tree. 

This tree grows in various parts of Southeast Asia. It is fairly popular in the countryside of Malaysia and Thailand. There are numerous variations of the Kratom tree, and its leaves have different effects on the human body and mind.

People Used to Chew Kratom Leaves

Nowadays you can enjoy Kratom in various formats such as powders, pills, and tea. Back in the days, people weren’t that sophisticated. They literally chew on Kratom leaves to experience the positive effects of this plant.

Chewing Kratom leaves became very popular among people who work in agriculture. They tend to spend long hours out in the open field, working day after day, every day. As a method of cutting through the monotony and boredom of this rudimentary lifestyle, chewing Kratom leaves became one of their favorite distractions.

Kratom leaves became very popular for good reasons. In small quantities, they have stimulating effects. In larger quantities, they have sedative effects, resembling the euphoria given by strong opiates.

As laborers began to like chewing Kratom leaves, they experienced improvements in their focus, stamina, mood, and even social interactions. Whenever they couldn’t sleep, Kratom leaves again would help them relax and rest properly.

It’s Called Mytragina Speciosa

This is the scientific name given to Kratom – Mytragina Speciosa. The most powerful ingredient in this plant is called Mitragynine. This is a powerful alkaloid with a chemical structure similar to those found in regular opioids.

Mitragynine is the ingredient put in different Kratom pills, powders, and teas. In small doses, it can stimulate you, just like a cup of coffee does. In larger quantities, it can help you sleep or even put you in different trance-like states.

If you’re a new consumer of Kratom products, it’s advised to begin with a small dose. This will give your body time to adapt to this new substance. Once you experiment with small doses, you’ll understand the Kratom effects and benefits better.

Keep in mind that the same dosage of Kratom doesn’t have similar effects on all people. Your weight, age, body type, and genetics dictate how you respond to different doses of Kratom. 

Back in the days, Kratom leaves were popular among laborers and agricultural workers because they experienced high levels of physical exertion every day. Chewing these leaves wouldn’t have had the same effect on regular people back in the days.

Pieter Willem Korthals Documented Kratom in the 19th Century

As mentioned earlier, Kratom has been used for hundreds, maybe thousands of years in different parts of Southeast Asia. However, not many people bothered to study it or write down details about its effects. That’s why it remained relatively unknown to the rest of the world until the 19th century.

That’s when Pieter Willem Korthals began documenting the usage and effects of Kratom leaves on the general population. This substance was still used in the 19th century and it’s widely used today in Malaysia, Thailand, and other countries.

2 centuries ago, Korthals discovered that the Kratom leaves were widely used for recreational purposes. People used them at gatherings, parties, festivals, and so on. Remember that in large doses, Kratom can have opium-like effects.

In fact, it was also used as a substitute for opiates when these were unavailable or too expensive to buy. You could say that Kratom was the cheap man’s opium. On top of its recreational use, people also utilized this plant to alleviate certain pains or health issues.

For example, some people used Kratom back in the days to relieve symptoms such as constipation or diarrhea. Kratom-derived products were also used to alleviate chronic pains. This is why it’s used in our modern culture as well.

The First Medical Studies on Kratom Began in 1907

Although Pieter Korthals and his colleagues studied the effects of this plant on people several decades earlier, more complex medical studies began in 1907. The scientists and doctors at the University of Edinburgh performed research on this plant and discovered its active ingredient.

They were able to isolate the other alkaloids and study them in great detail. In 1930, Mr. Burkill, a medical doctor, was fascinated by Kratom’s psychoactive effects. He eventually discovered its health benefits and began to use it as a treatment for fever and diarrhea.

With the passing of time, the psychoactive effects of this substance began to attract a lot of attention from the authorities. Kratom was banned in Thailand in the mid-1940s. Its possession and consumption began to be heavily regulated all over the world.

Still, Kratom and some of its active ingredients have been legalized in recent decades in various countries. Many people hope that further studies on the plant will reveal how many positive effects it has on health. These benefits could outweigh the potential side effects of consuming too much Kratom.

Kratom Has Milder Side Effects Than Opiates

More research is needed, but it has been reported that Kratom can be successfully used to treat opiate addiction. That’s because this is a plant that has effects similar to opiates, but without the major side effects.

Patients who were addicted to opiates and were treated with Kratom products reported having fewer cravings for their addictive substances. Back in the days, Kratom was used for this purpose too, as documented by Mr. Korthals. 

Some rehab centers around the world use Kratom as a treatment method for different patients. The addicts receive Kratom products for a few weeks and they are carefully monitored by a group of experts. 

At the end of the rehab period, many addicts report feeling better and not needing their favorite drug anymore. Experts believe that Kratom gives mild stimulation to the certain brain receptors, so the craving for hard drugs subsides. 

Scientists need to do more research, but such anecdotal reports suggest that Kratom can be a promising treatment method for recovering addicts.

Kratom Has Multiple Strains

As mentioned earlier, Kratom trees can be found in different parts of Southeast Asia. These regions have different climates, soil types, weather, and so on. This means that the same Kratom tree can produce different Kratom strains with different flavors/effects.

That’s why when you buy Kratom products, you will probably see something such as red vein Kratom, yellow vein Kratom, etc. These categories refer to the number of alkaloids or opiate-like substances presented in the Kratom leaves.

Some veins have a more profound aroma, others have stronger effects on your mood, etc. For example, the Borneo strains belong to the Kapuas Hulu region and they are ideal for those who are just starting to experiment with this plant.

The Bali Kratom strain is also very popular, and it’s known to have the most potent flavor. If you like to drink tea, consider adding the Bali Kratom strain to your shopping cart. This strain will produce the most delicious and aromatic Kratom tea you have ever drunk.

The Maeng Da Kratom strain is known for having a powerful combination of alkaloids. This is the Kratom product that will boost your cognition in smaller doses and give euphoria-like effects in larger doses. You should experiment with smaller doses of this strain until you get used to it.

Kratom Has Been Lately Introduced to the Western Culture

You probably didn’t hear many people talking about Kratom in the last decades. However, this plant has found its way to American soil as of late. This was possible because importing goods from different parts of the world is cheaper and easier now than it was 50 years ago.

That’s why you’ll discover Kratom in various formats in health food stores and you can even buy it online. You can go for Kratom pills, teas, creams, powders, etc. You can take them directly or add them to various recipes.

The reason why there are so many ways to take Kratom is because of their bioavailability. In other words, some people might absorb the active ingredient of Kratom better in liquid format rather than by taking a pill. The market offers broad ingesting options to cater to the needs of most customers.

On top of that, your body processes the active ingredient in Kratom differently, depending on how it’s ingested. For example, if you drink Kratom tea, your stomach and intestines absorb the active ingredient quicker. If you take a pill, the absorption process is slower and the bioavailability of Kratom is smaller.

Today, People Use Kraton for a Variety of Health Issues

Kratom serves a lot of medicinal purposes these days. It’s as popular or even more popular than it was back then. Apart from recreational purposes, adults of all ages use it to treat chronic pain, opiate withdrawal, sleep issues, digestive problems, and more.

Chronic pain usually develops in the lower back, neck, or shoulder area. It can lead to huge discomfort but using Kratom pills or Kratom tea regularly can alleviate these pains.

Kratom is also used to improve sleep, boost concentration, focus, and feel better. When it’s used in larger quantities, it can have a sedative effect. The active ingredient in Kratom does its job in just 5-10 minutes after ingestion, so you’ll feel its effects quickly.

Kratom Is Legal in Most American States 

Most people never even heard of Kratom back in the days, so its legality wasn’t an issue. Most people couldn’t afford to buy Kratom at all. 

Nowadays, the situation is much different. Kratom can be legally bought, sold, and consumed in most states in North America. You can buy it from local health food stores or go online and find a trustworthy vendor.

To be more specific, Kratom is legal in all states except Alabama, Arkansas, Vermont, Wisconsin, and a few others. It’s legal in California but the city of San Diego decided to ban this substance. Similarly, Kratom is illegal to use, sell, or possess in Denver, Colorado, but it’s legal in the rest of this state.

Some of these states have declared Kratom illegal because of its psychoactive effects. As mentioned throughout this article, higher doses of Kratom can have a powerful sedative effect. You can fall asleep while driving or get into dangerous states of euphoria. 

In other states, Kratom is legal to use, but each user should be responsible when it comes to consuming this substance. For example, if you’re using it for recreational purposes, don’t do it while you’re at work. Don’t use Kratom if you’re operating heavy machinery, not even small amounts of it.

If you think you would benefit from using this ancient medicine, talk with your doctor first. He or she might give you advice regarding dosage and side effects. At the same time, find a good online vendor that sources Kratom from trustworthy origins.

Now You Know the History of Kratom

As you can see, the history of Kratom can be fascinating if you explore it deeply. Remember that this plant has been used for centuries and now it makes a powerful “comeback” into our modern culture. Kratom can be beneficial for your health and give you a mental boost similar to the one given by coffee.

If you want to experiment with Kratom on your own, then make sure that you check out our collection of Kratom products. We sell different types of Kratom pills and powders from different strains and veins. 

You’ll definitely find something matching your taste, whether you shop for medicinal or recreational purposes!


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