Red Borneo Kratom Capsules


Get started with a blend of Red Borneo Kratom Capsules from the team at Etanicals and enjoy the many health benefits that this Red Borneo kratom has to offer.

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Relax with Red Borneo Kratom Capsules 

Buy high-quality kratom capsules from Etanicals. Whether you’re a kratom connoisseur or simply kratom curious, the soothing properties of Red Borneo make it the perfect bedtime kratom. Order yours today and unlock a new realm of relaxation! 

Understanding Red Borneo Kratom

Southeast Asia is home to the lush verdant island of Borneo. Famous for producing some of the most relaxing Kratom strains available, Borneo is the world’s kratom capital. The island’s warm, humid climate makes it the ideal growing ground for indigenous red and green Kratoms. For thousands of years, locals have harvested Red Borneo kratom from deep in the jungle. Today, you don’t have to traverse the forests of Borneo to enjoy this soothing, full-flavored strain.

Why Etanicals?

Etanicals is proud to sell pure Red Borneo kratom capsules. We start with ethically harvested Kratom leaves that then dry indoors for days with their stems attached. The result? A pure and potent Kratom that helps you calm your mind and body.

How to Take Your Kratom Capsules

While kratom powder can be whisked into a hot tea or latte, taking kratom capsules is even more straightforward.


If you’re new to kratom, start low and slow. 1.5-2 grams (3-4 capsules) should be enough for most people. More experienced users may need 4-5 grams for the best results.


Effects start in 30-40 minutes and can last up to six hours. If you’re taking your Red Borneo capsules to enhance your sleep quality, try taking them a half-hour before bedtime.


With the correct dosage, Red Borneo kratom can blanket you in comfort and calm. To learn more about red vein kratom, reference our blog.

Buy The Best Kratom Online

All of our kratoms go through a strict quality control process to ensure purity. Don’t put your health at risk. Order your kratom capsules from Etancials.

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