Dragon Horn Kratom Capsules


Dragon Horn Kratom is unique among Kratom plants. It comes from an interesting subspecies of the Mitragyna speciosa with little spikes found on the plant’s leaves – its “horns.”

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Dragon Horn Kratom Capsules For Experienced Users

Dragon Horn Kratom is unique and should be used by more experienced Kratom users since it is more potent and powerful than other various Kratom strains.

What is Dragon Horn Kratom?

Dragon Horn Kratom is grown only on the Borneo island in Southeast Asia and is most popular among Kratom users, looking for a more potent and powerful solution. Because it is harder to grow than other Kratom types, it is more elusive, but the strain has grown quite popular in the U.S. because of the versatile ways to enjoy it. It is derived from a tropical evergreen plant known as Mitragnya Speciosa, also found in Southeast Asia. The Mitragyna Speciosa has little spikes on its leaves called “horns.” Red Dragon Kratom is high in alkaloids and is sometimes compared to a strain of Kratom known as Maeng Da.

Benefits and Effects of Dragon Horn Kratom


Dragon Kratom effects are similar to Caffeine and are often used for their stimulating properties to boost energy levels significantly.

Stress and Pain Relief

This strain of Kratom has been known as quite an effective pain reliever whether you suffer from chronic pain or bodily discomfort. Kratom has some opioid properties as it is rich in the alkaloid Mitragynine that affects the brain’s receptors and stimulates brain activity and bodily functions to help relax you. Thus, the alkaloid activates mu-opioid brain receptors to deal with mild to chronic pain. 


Dragon Kratom arrests natural sleep inhibitors, making it conducive for slumber.


Dragon Kratom helps fight against worrying and anxiety attacks.

Sharpening Focus Mentally

This strain of Kratom helps increase mental acuity for greater intellectual concentration.

Get the Full Benefits of Dragon Horn Kratom From a Trusted Source

At Etanicals, we only provide the best, high-quality products. Our capsules of Dragon Kratom are rigorously tested for authenticity and quality. Each product has a certificate of authenticity to assure you it is genuine.

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