Dragon Blood Borneo Kratom Capsules


Dragon Blood Borneo Kratom is made from a rare strain of mitragyna speciosa that is only grown on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. This strain is more difficult to grow, making Borneo Kratom harder to find than other capsulized Kratom types.

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Dragon Blood Borneo Kratom Capsules 

Buy Kratom online from Etanicals. From information on different strains to dosing guides and even recipes, we are the authority on all things Kratom. If you’re new to Kratom, the pain-relieving properties of Green Borneo Kratom are the perfect launching point!

The History of Dragon Blood Borneo Kratom

In the early 19th century, and very likely before, local Borneons discovered that the big Kratom trees growing on their island had medicinal properties. Starting then, local farmers began to harvest, grow, and sustainably distribute high-quality Kratom. While Southeast Asian cultures have generations-deep knowledge of Kratom and its desirable effects, this Kratom strain’s anxiolytic powers are just now gaining traction in the western world. Taken safely, Dragon Blood Borneo Kratom can help you manage pain and blanket you with feelings of clarity and calm.

When Should I Take My Kratom Capsules?

Typically, the effects of Kratom come on in 30-40 minutes and can last up to six hours. If you’re taking your Dragon Blood Borneo capsules to calm yourself in the evening, try ingesting them about an hour before bed, so you can wholly lean into the relaxation. However, if your goal is to go about your day with no pain, a lighter dose in the morning should be sufficient.

How Much Should I Take?

Etanicals kratom capsules make dosing yourself easy and safe. Each capsule has a consistent amount of pure, quality-assured Kratom. If you’re new to Kratom, start slow. 1.5-2 grams (3-4 capsules) should be enough for most people. However, more experienced nighttime users may need 4-5 grams for the best results. For more comprehensive dosing information, reference our blog! Unlock a new level of calm with Etanicals.

Product Features

These Kratom Capsules for sale come in multiple sizes to fit your needs:
  • 50 Capsule Count – $14.99
  • 100 Capsule Count – $25.99
  • 250 Capsule Count – $54.99
Make sure you get your dose right by starting with small doses and increasing it until you find the perfect balance.

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