St. John’s Wort Extract Powder


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Though St. John’s wort flower is native to Europe, it is safe to grow in most of the northern hemisphere. Its name comes from its blooming time. Hypericum perforatum typically flowers around the feast of Saint John, just after the summer solstice, on June 24th. While the plant commonly sprouts in waste areas, roadsides, and fields, it has a fascinating and diverse tradition of use.

Gaius Plinius Secundas (Pliny the Elder) recorded St. John’s wort’s benefits and origin in his 37 volume Natural History. This book became the blueprint of our scientific knowledge on St. John’s wort for centuries. In Greek tradition, St. John’s wort is referred to as hypericon (above the icon) in a nod to its power “over the image,” presumed to be the image of self.

St. Johns Wort Extract Bags with scoop and powder


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