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Reishi Mushroom (Lingzhi) is a polypore with a red, shiny, kidney-shaped cap. Reishi has been used for thousands of years in China for its many purported health benefits. It has been referred to as “Mushroom of Immortality.”

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Discover the Many Benefits of Reishi Mushroom Powder

Though all kinds of colorful plants and fungi have a home in eastern medicine, the Reishi mushroom might be the most influential. Used for thousands of years to treat ailments as mild as fatigue and as severe as colorectal cancer, Reishi mushroom extract is an excellent addition to any supplement regimen. Etanicals supplies pure, powdered Reishi mushroom extract at an affordable price.

The Mushroom of Immortality

The legend of lingzhi (the Chinese word for Reishi mushroom) dates back to Han dynasty China – over 2,000 years ago. Lingzhi translates literally to “the mushroom of immortality” or “divine fungus.” Ancient Chinese writings tout Reishi mushrooms as an elixir of immortality and even record secret places where the fungus sprouts. Early adopters of the mushroom of immortality believed Reishi had potent anti-aging properties. In modern China, lingzhi is still a symbol of luck, healing, and wellness. The Reishi mushroom is prescribed by physicians throughout the east and is now being accepted by holistic medicine practitioners in the west. Reishi Mushroom Extract Bags with scoop and powder

Reishi Mushroom Benefits

The Reishi mushroom is packed with triterpenoids, polysaccharides, and peptidoglycans. Many believe these molecules are responsible for its healing properties. Though ancient anecdotal evidence cites Reishi as a healer of all ailments, these three purported benefits are most studied in modern medicine:

Boost the Immune System

Like most medicinal mushrooms, the Reishi mushroom can strengthen the immune system. While evidence is not conclusive, test tube studies suggest Reishi can affect the white blood cells’ genes. Reishi also reduces inflammation that stands in the path of white blood cells. In fact, the fungus has even been shown to increase the activity of a very crucial type of white blood cell called the “natural killer cell.” These natural killer cells fight infections and cancers, which brings us to benefit two:

Possesses Anit-Cancer Properties

The Reishi mushroom has become a popular supplement for cancer patients due to its potential cancer-fighting properties. Studies conducted on animals show Reishi mushroom powder can lead to the death of certain types of cancer cells. The medicinal mushroom is mostly studied for its role in reversing prostate cancers, colorectal cancers, and breast cancers.

Helps Fight Fatigue and Depression

Historically heralded as the mushroom of immortality, the Reishi mushroom is still used to achieve overall wellness. Taking Reishi mushroom powder may help improve your overall quality of life by decreasing anxiety, depression, and irritability while boosting your energy levels.

How Should I Take Reishi Mushrooms?

Though you can eat Reishi mushrooms fresh, your easiest and most affordable option is to invest in Reishi mushroom powder. While our Reishi mushroom extract doesn’t dissolve well into water, you can easily sprinkle it on your favorite meals.

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