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What is Chaga Mushroom?

Chaga mushroom extract (Inonotus obliquus) comes from a parasitic fungus that grows on birch trees. It is most commonly found in the circumboreal region. Chaga mushroom has an irregular dark appearance that resembles a lumpy piece of burnt charcoal.

What’s interesting about Chaga is its popularity with the indigenous people of America. One of their origin stories for the mushroom is that a mythological being tossed his own scab (dried wound) against a birch tree. It stuck, becoming the very first mushroom.

Alongside Chaga Mushroom, we also sell other mushrooms such as Cordyceps Militaris and Lion’s Mane Mushroom.

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Our Chaga Mushroom Extract is of the highest possible quality. Other retailers which specialize in botanical extracts and online stores rarely have our premium, lab-tested and certified product development and testing processes. Choose an online retailer that you can trust. Choose Etanicals.

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Our Chaga Mushroom Powder comes in 30g, 60g, or 125g packages. It has a vibrant orange-brown color and looks very attractive stored on a shelf in an air-tight glass jar.

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