Potentiating Your Kratom Powder: An In-Depth Guide

how to make kratom stronger

Did you know that there are an estimated ten million people that live with chronic pain in the United States? 

Many people suffering from chronic pain are recommended to reduce their stress levels, eat a healthy diet, and exercise. However, many people who suffer are often prescribed pain medication to manage their pain levels.

More than 90% of Kratom users report this herbal supplement to be very effective in treating their anxiety, pain, depression, and other ailments. If you are looking to treat a health condition with kratom’s help, you may be wondering how to make kratom stronger. 

As natural medicine has begun to impact the western wold, kratom has become an effective herbal remedy that many people are starting to use to reduce their pain levels. Are you interested in learning how to increase the potency of kratom?

We’ve created this complete guide to help you get a thorough understanding of how to increase the potency of kratom. Keep reading to learn more! 

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is also commonly referred to in the medical community as mitragyns speciosa. Kratom is a plant that is native to Thailand, Papua New Guinea, and Malaysia.

When the tree leaves of the Kratom plant are consumed, they distribute more than 40 different types of psychoactive compounds until the body. In modern times, the leaves of the Kratom planar cultivated and Farms, dried, and later crashed into a powder for consumption.

What Is a Kratom Potentiator?

Kratom potentiator is a type of method or an ingredient that makes the kratom substance more potent. Some people use a kratom potentiator to take a smaller dose of kratom. Other people use a Kratom Potentiator health benefits of kratom for a more extended amount of time.

Why Should You Use Kratom Potentiators?  

Using kratom potentiators will allow you to take a lower dosage of kratom, while still experiencing the same results as you would with taking a higher dosage. By taking a lower dosage of kratom, you can decrease the likelihood of you developing a tolerance to kratom. 

Plus, using a kratom potentiator can help you save money, as you’ll be using less kratom. Depending on the type of potential that you use, you may even experience the benefits of kratom for a longer time. Some potentiators help the effects of kratom work faster in your body. 

If you’re someone who has taken kratom for a long time and have developed a tolerance, using a kratom potentiator will allow you to continue using kratom without drastically increasing your dosage. This will help to decrease the chances of you developing any kratom side effects.  

How to Make Kratom Stronger

Are you looking to spice up your kratom your routine? Whether you’re looking to find a more potent experience in your Kratom usage or you’re looking to reap the benefits the kratom has to offer for your health, there are several ways that you can make kratom stronger.

Let’s take a look at some of the top ways that you can increase the potency of kratom:

Using Citrus Juice

Using a citrus-based juice such as orange juice or grapefruit juice is one of the best ways to increase the potency of kratom.

Citrus-based juices have a large variety of health benefits, such as being a rich source of antioxidants that can help improve your immune system and overall health. Plus, citrus-based juices are also rich in potassium and vitamin C, which helps ensure that your body is getting all of its nutritional needs.

The enzymes that are found in citrus-based juices improve the alkaloids found in kratom. 

Some of the other best juices that you can use to take your kratom with include:

  • Lemon juice
  • Lime Juice

While drinking straight lime juice or lemon juice isn’t the tastiest way to take your kratom, you can add a slice of lemon or lime and add it to your Kratom tea.

Cayenne Pepper

You can mix cayenne pepper in with your kratom powder as another method of increasing the potency of your Kratom dosage.

Cayenne pepper is effective in promoting the production of saliva in your mouth. As a result, this helps to improve the overall digestion of your kratom dosage.  

Chamomile Tea

If you are a Kratom user who uses kratom in the form of tea, you may be more partial to use and chamomile tea to increase the potency of your kratom.

Mixing chamomile tea with your kratom tea will help make you feel relaxed, which is especially beneficial if you’re trying to go to sleep. Make sure to stir the tease together thoroughly so that they are evenly combined. 

You could also add lemon juice for an extra shot of potency with your kratom. 

Taking on an Empty Stomach

Depending on the strain of kratom that you’re consuming, taking your kratom on an empty stomach can greatly increase your dose’s potency. This works because the kratom you’re ingesting won’t have to fight against the absorption of the food in your intestines and the enzymes in your body.

This doesn’t mean that you have to go all day without having anything to eat to take your kratom. However, we recommend giving yourself a few hours in between meals so that your kratom can absorb into your body without fighting against the food in your digestive system.  


Many of us drink a coffee cup every morning, which makes this method of Kratom potentiator more popular than the other methods on this list. The caffeine content coffee mixes well with white vein kratom and green vein kratom.

This is because kratom and coffee are cousins, as they’re related to the same plant family. Mixing caffeine and kratom is a great way to increase your motivation and focus. However, you should be careful to avoid using any sugar in your coffee.

If you are somebody who can’t drink your coffee black, you should consider using natural sweeteners such as Stevia. Mixing sugar in with your kratom in your coffee can cause too much of an energy spike for some people to handle comfortably.


Turmeric is another spice that you can use to increase the potency of your Kratom dosage. Many people enjoy using turmeric combined with a Kratom because of the anti-inflammatory properties that turmeric is famous for. Plus, even if you aren’t using kratom daily, turmeric offers several health benefits that should make you consider adding it to your daily routine.

Curcumin is the naturally active property in turmeric, which acts as a type of antioxidant. By enhancing the overall potency of kratom, turmeric can be used in hot tea, juices, or even taken in a spoonful.

However, some people mix turmeric and kratom together in a capsule. 

This is because the taste of turmeric is bitter, so if you are someone who has a sensitive palate, this may be the best option for you.

Another useful tip to keep in the back of your mind is that black pepper helps to improve the absorption of turmeric. By mixing black pepper, turmeric, and kratom together, you can create the ultimate Kratom mix.

While not as popular, black pepper also acts as another natural spice to use to increase the potency of kratom. Black pepper has piperine in it, which aids in preventing the premature digestion if the alkaloids found in kratom. This helps your Kratom dosage to last longer.

Valerian Root

Mixing valerian root with your Kratom power is another powerful potentiator to use if you’re looking to take your kratom to relax. Valerian root comes from a flowering plant and has long been used for treating medical conditions like anxiety and insomnia. 

Popping Your Kratom in the Freezer

You can potentiate your kratom by sticking it in the freezer for up to 30 minutes. This works to increase the potency of your kratom by breaking down the cell walls and the kratom. By Breaking Down the Walls of the cells in the kratom, it allows your body too quickly absorb and use the alkaloids found in the kratom.

You should be careful to use a container that’s freezer friendly. It should also have an airtight lid, as this will help to keep the kratom protected.

To prepare the kratom for freezing, you should take the time to mix it with a liquid that has acidity. You can use lemon juice, and grapefruit juice, orange juice come out where apple cider vinegar to mix with your kratom.

You should only make it enough acidic liquid with your kratom to make a thick paste. Once you’ve created the paste, put it into the container, and freeze it for 30 minutes. After you found that the paste has frozen, you should remove it from the freezer so that it has time to thaw out. 

Once the kratom has thawed out, you can mix the thawed pasted into one of your favorite drinks!

Cat’s Claw

This natural herb is another great herb to use with kratom, because of the alkaloids found in Cat’s Claw. The alkaloids that are found in Cat’s Claw are very similar to kratom.  

The similarity between the alkaloids in Cat’s Claw and Kratom allows the mixing of the two alkaloids, increasing the alkaloids’ efficiency. This helps to improve the efficiency of the alkaloids in kratom and make the effects of kratom last longer. 


Magnesium is a helpful tool to use not only to increase the potency of your kratom dosage, but it also helps to reduce the tolerance your body develops against kratom.

This is because magnesium acts as a type of antagonist to deter the receptors in your body from becoming tolerant to kratom. Many long-time users of kratom have complained that over time, their bodies have developed a tolerance and they have to take a higher Kratom dosage to receive the same effects. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you’re already adding apple cider vinegar into your daily health routine, you’re in luck! Many scientific studies have proven the health-boosting benefits that apple cider vinegar has on the body.

Some people use apple cider vinegar on their skin, while others use apple cider vinegar to use it to improve their digestive health. There is a naturally occurring probiotic found in apple cider vinegar, which is commonly referred to as the ‘mother’ of the apple cider vinegar. 

Many people use apple cider vinegar as a tool to increase the potency of the kratom with the toss and wash method. By using apple cider vinegar as a chaser for their kratom dosage, some people also add lemon juice or cayenne pepper to improve the taste of their apple cider vinegar shooter.

Understanding How to Make Kratom Stronger for You

When it comes to an understanding of how to make kratom stronger, there are many methods available. By identifying the best ways that increase the potency of kratom for your unique experience, you can reap all of the unique health-boosting that offense that kratom has to offer.

If you are an experienced kratom user or are just starting out in your kratom journey, finding the best ways to increase your kratom’s potency can help improve your overall experience with it. Experimenting with these above-listed ways to increase the potency of your kratom and can help you to make your own decision on what the best method to use is. 

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