Medium-Chain Triglycerides: Your Everything Guide to MCT Oil

MCT oil

When you’re trying to improve your health, there are always some great natural supplements that you can take. They come in all forms, from capsules and tinctures to pure extracts. 

A lot of people are finding out about supplements like cannabidiol (CBD) because of their proven benefits. Another great supplement that you need to consider comes in the form of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) oil. 

So what is this oil? What are the benefits? We’re happy to explain. 

Keep reading to learn more about MCT oil and why it’s worth adding to your cupboards. 

What Exactly is MCT Oil?

You should always take the time to learn about MCT oil before making a purchase. This is a complex set of oils that come from food sources like coconuts. 

These MCTs differ from long-chain triglycerides (LCT) and are healthier. Companies that specialize in health supplements sell the oil in raw form or in the form of a powder. 

What are Some of the Benefits of MCT Oil?

Now that you know what MCT oil is, you should learn why these oils are so helpful to you. They are great for your mind, body, and entire health for a number of reasons. People today are beginning to swear by this oil and use it in a number of ways. 

Here are some MCT oil benefits that you need to know about:

1. Trim Down and Keep Your Weight Under Control

First and foremost, MCT oil is an excellent supplement to use if you’re trying to keep your weight under control. It does this in a number of ways, including helping your body burn fat. People often shy away from fat when they’re trying to lose weight, by taking in healthy fats can help you stay trim and lean. 

Ingesting MCT oil is a great way for you to bolster your metabolism so that you can process food and burn fat quicker. It also helps to curb your hunger cravings by controlling your hormones and the signals that your brain and body send back and forth. 

Adding MCT to your intake is excellent if you’re trying to hit any sort of fitness goals. 

When you take care of your body weight, you’ll have better blood circulation, will breathe easier, can prevent diabetes, and will be less likely to develop sleep apnea issues. You can use this oil whether you’re trying to cut or bulk and will appreciate the muscle you build while keeping excess fat under control. 

2. It Can Provide Natural Energy

Adding these healthy fats to your digestive system is also an excellent form of an energy boost. The reason for this is that it puts your body in a state of ketosis. 

In ketosis, your body looks to use fats as fuel instead of carbohydrates. You can use this extra energy however you need to, and you’ll find yourself able to easier get through your workdays without needing a mid-day nap. 

It’s better to have this oil at your disposal as an energy source rather than turning to energy drinks or coffee, which can make you jittery and are very addictive. 

3. Your Brain Will Fire on all Cylinders

You will also appreciate the mental health benefits that come along with taking MCT oil. Your brain is about 60% made up of fat, so when you feed yourself plenty of healthy fats, it supports cognitive activity. 

By taking this oil regularly, you will experience better concentration, clearer brain function, and improvements in your memory. This is excellent for your overall health and will give you the opportunity to have mental endurance without brain fog. 

If you have a job that requires you to continuously find mental connections, you’ll definitely want to take a teaspoon or two of MCT oil each morning. Since this oil quickly turns into ketones, you will have a brain that has neurons and synapses firing on all cylinders, and you will have mental endurance that is incredible. 

MCT oil is growing in popularity as a nootropic supplement, which can keep your brain healthy as you age and develop. This means that you will also be less likely to deal with cognitive decline and conditions. 

You can stay sharp into your old age and will be at a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia. The neuroprotective qualities of MCT mean that your brain cells will be protected. This means that you can also have help managing Alzheimer’s if you already have developed it. 

Being able to stave off these cognitive issues later in your later years is excellent because it means you will uphold a high quality of life. 

4. MCT Oil Provides Excellent Gut Health

Adding MCT oil to your intake is also excellent from a gut health standpoint. This is great, because scientists now understand that gut health is directly linked to brain health. 

What this means is that by improving your gut microbiome, you will experience a better working brain with excellent mental function. 

When you allow MCT oil to improve your gut health, you’ll also keep your digestive tract lining clean and free of bacteria. This means that these toxins won’t find their way into your bloodstream so that you don’t get ill. 

This also means that you will have digestive health that lets you metabolize your food without having to worry about pain, indigestion, or any other issues that make it difficult. 

5. People That Take MCT Oil Can Have a Healthier Heart

When you take these fatty acids, you can also appreciate how it improves your heart health. You’ll lower your blood pressure, improve the way that your heart performs, and reduces the many different factors that contribute to heart disease. 

Today, heart disease happens to be one of the biggest causes of premature death, so you should keep this at bay as much as possible. You’ll be able to appreciate quality blood flow, and will be less susceptible to developing blood clots or having a stroke. 

You will be able to balance your cholesterol and make sure that you are promoting good cholesterol and eliminating low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. Adding these supplements to your body, along with plenty of great cardiovascular exercise is an excellent way to get the blood pumping and to make sure that your heart is as healthy as possible over the years. 

6. It’s an Easy to Use Daily Supplement

MCT oil is an incredibly easy supplement to take. Your body absorbs it naturally and easily, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of digestive discomfort. 

You can quickly take a scoop or a teaspoon in the morning or whenever you’d like. The oil can easily be mixed into a juice or smoothie, or mixed into your yogurt, applesauce or any other food. You can also wash it down with some water or any other drink. 

Many people also love using MCT oil to cook their food. You can replace some unhealthy cooking oils with MCT oil easily while improving the nutrient density and benefits that you receive. This oil is light and a great complement to any food that you’re planning to cook. 

If you do decide to cook with MCT oil, make sure that you keep the temperatures fairly low so that you don’t lose the nutritional value. 

7. The Oil is Excellent as a Preworkout

Because MCT oil gives you a boost in energy, it’s a great tool to use as a pre-workout. Many pre-workout supplements are riddled with caffeine and unhealthy substances. 

By adding this MCT oil to your pre-workout stack, you will have an immediate jolt of energy that will help you go after personal bests in the gym or any other exercise you participate in. It will give you plenty of endurance to push through fatigue so that you can get more out of your body and improve your physique. 

Stock Up on MCT Oil to Improve Your Health

These tips show why MCT oil is a great supplement to take. This is a healthy fat that you can purchase from a health store, and you can reap these benefits and several others. 

If you’re looking to stock up on MCT oil or any other supplement, Eutanics would be happy to assist you. We specialize in the best and purest products and can help you out with anything that you need. 

Take the time to contact us so that you can shop around for some supplements that can change your health and revolutionize your life. 

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