Learn How You Can Increase the Power of White Kratom Powder

White kratom powder

Did you know that almost 1% of the US adult population used Kratom at least once in 2016? This means that more than 2 million people experienced the positive effects of Kratom products. When used responsibly, Kratom can alleviate pain and help you get rid of stress.

There are different types of Kratom products out there and White Kratom powder seems to be one of the most popular. The Kratom powder benefits are well-known and the white strain can help you relax, unwind, and feel more confident.

But did you know that you can also potentiate the effects of white Kratom powder? This can be done using Kratom potentiators. Keep reading to find out more about them.


Caffeine is already a powerful stimulant for your brain. It’s present in coffee, green tea, black tea, and several other beverages. It can boost your cognition, make you feel more alert, and it can reduce tiredness and brain fog.

If you use white Kratom powder in combination with caffeine, you can get an even more powerful stimulating effect. These substances will potentiate each other and improve your concentration. This mixture would be ideal before a hard exam or if you need to learn something quickly.

Preparing a caffeine/Kratom combination is simple. You just add a little bit of coffee or caffeinated tea to your white Kratom powder. Or you can mix Kratom tea with caffeine or other types of teas. Some people also use energy drinks because these beverages also contain caffeine.

Since this combination can be powerful, make sure that you reduce the dosages at first. Use less white Kratom powder with a small amount of caffeine and see how you feel. This powerful elixir should be enjoyed early in the morning and not before going to bed.

Chamomile Tea

As you probably know already, chamomile tea can help you relax and get rid of stress. People drink it to improve their sleep quality. If you have sleep disorders, you can use a combination of white Kratom powder and chamomile tea.

Remember that small amounts of Kratom can relax you while higher dosages can sedate a person. You want to aim for relaxation in this case and that’s why you should go for a smaller dosage at first. Put a tiny amount of white Kratom powder in your chamomile tea, enjoy it, and see how you feel.

Lemon or Lime Juice

Both lemon and limes are strong potentiators for all Kratom strains. They tend to improve the effects this plant has on your body and make you feel even more relaxed. That’s why you should use lemon or lime juice with your white Kratom powder.

For example, you can prepare a delicious lemonade and put a small amount of white Kratom powder in it. Add honey or cinnamon if you want. You can also make a white Kratom tea and combine it with a small dose of lime juice.

Your beverage will taste even better and the citrus juice amplifies the alkaloids contained by Kratom. As a result, you’ll feel more relaxed or even achieve mild euphoric states if you add a higher quantity of white Kratom powder.

Black Pepper

Although black pepper is a spice, it works perfectly with Kratom products. Black pepper has the ability to enhance the properties of the ingredients it’s combined with. For example, there are turmeric and black pepper supplements on the market because black pepper amplifies the absorption of turmeric in the body.

Similarly, you could create a mixture of black pepper and white Kratom powder. Go for a small amount of black pepper at first since you need to build some tolerance for this spice. You can also mix it up with other ingredients such as honey or lemonade if the taste is too “spicy”.


You might be happy to find out that many people use CBD oil on a regular basis. This product has similar properties to white Kratom powder. It can relax you, alleviate your chronic pains, and make you sleep better at night.

In this case, why not combine these two products? Many people have already combined white Kratom powder with CBD oil to achieve an even more powerful mixture. You can experiment with these products by adding them to your favorite tea or beverage.

Before everything else, make sure that CBD oil is legal in your state. Similar to Kratom, CBD is regulated in some states and illegal in others. It’s your responsibility to know the law, so you can enjoy the combination of CBD oil and white Kratom powder with more peace of mind.


Did you know that stevia is a natural sweetener? It’s routinely used by large supplement companies to improve the taste of their products and make them more palatable. Stevia is plant-derived, so it’s a natural product and the ideal sugar substitute.

As you probably know already, sugar promotes inflammation in the body. That’s why doctors recommend avoiding it or consuming it in smaller quantities. If you want to make your white Kratom tea sweeter, you should add stevia since it’s a great replacement for sugar.

Stevia will also amplify the benefits of your Kratom products. Anything that tastes sweet will likely make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Since white Kratom powder will help you decompress, combining it with stevia will only potentiate its effect.

Best of all, stevia can be added to other beverages, not only your Kratom tea. You can create mixtures of white Kratom powder, black pepper, and the other potentiators discussed in this article. In the end, add a little bit of stevia to make your beverage taste great!

Cat’s Claw

This is a herb with amazing medicinal properties. You can make tea from it or take pills that contain cat’s claw extract. When combined with any Kratom product including white Kratom, it can make its effects last longer.

Generally speaking, the effects of Kratom usually last for a few hours, depending on the dosage and your tolerance level. Adding white Kratom powder to a cat’s claw tea might make the effects of Kratom last one or two hours more.

This is a great thing because you’ll probably be using Kratom products less often. As a result, your Kratom supply will last for more time and you could save money. Best of all, you’ll enjoy the benefits and positive effects of white Kratom powder for longer each day.

Valerian Root

Another excellent Kratom potentiator is the valerian root. This herb can amplify the euphoric effects of white Kratom powder. Ideally, you should be an experienced Kratom user before trying to combine valerian root with any Kratom product.

This herb can be bought as a powder from various health stores. It has amazing properties when it comes to relaxation and sedation. You can also make tea using valerian root and add white Kratom powder to create a stronger mixture.

Take White Kratom Powder on an Empty Stomach

This is probably one of the easiest and simplest ways to reap the full benefits of white Kratom powder. If you ingest this product after a full meal, its effects will appear, but they will be less intense. That’s because there will also be many other nutrients and substances in your bloodstream, making Kratom less prevalent.

But if you take white Kratom powder on an empty stomach, your body will immediately feel its power. You can achieve higher states of relaxation and the effects will appear quicker. Depending on the dosage, these effects can also last longer.

For example, you can prepare yourself a cocktail in the morning using white Kratom powder, some lemon juice, and a bit of black pepper. This will boost your cognition immediately and prepare you for a long day at work.

Cayenne Pepper

If you regularly complain of digestive problems, cayenne pepper might be your friend. This spice is known for its positive effects on digestion and cardiovascular health. Combine it with white Kratom powder and both these substances will potentiate each other. 

Cayenne pepper is a good Kratom potentiator because it has a powerful effect on your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. It will improve your metabolism and make your system reap more of the benefits white Kratom powder provides.

One of the best ways to combine these substances is by blending them in a tea of your choice. Prepare a cup of delicious tea, add a teaspoon of white Kratom powder, and a small amount of cayenne extract. Stir and enjoy a beverage that will both relax and rejuvenate you at the same time.


As you probably already know, your body develops a tolerance to the substances it goes in contact with. This happens with alcohol, medicines, caffeine, even Kratom. When you build a tolerance to a substance, its effects won’t be as intense as before.

This is where magnesium comes into place. It has been discovered that magnesium can decrease your body’s tolerance to a specific substance. If you combine it with white Kratom powder, your system will not build up that big of a tolerance to this natural drug.

As a result, you can experience the positive effects of white Kratom powder for longer. Any Kratom powder will also kick in quicker and you don’t need to increase the dosage that much over time. Make sure that you add magnesium tablets to your Kratom products and you’ll be golden.


Did you know that this ancient spice has amazing effects on your immune system? Turmeric and its main active ingredient, curcumin, offer your body a plethora of antioxidants. This helps you fight viruses and diseases easier and quicker.

Since turmeric can work wonders for your body, it makes sense to combine it with white Kratom powder to potentiate its effects. Turmeric extract can be bought from health food shops and combined with various Kratom products, including white Kratom.

As mentioned earlier, turmeric extract or curcumin is usually sold in combination with black pepper to improve its absorption. If you mix turmeric with white Kratom powder, don’t hesitate to add some black pepper too as this additional spice will help you reap their full benefits.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The last one on our list is apple cider vinegar. This beverage might not have the best taste in the world, but it has significant health benefits. It can improve the looks of your skin, it helps your body get rid of toxins quicker, etc.

Many people combine apple cider vinegar with Kratom products. For example, you can put some white Kratom powder in your mouth and quickly “wash” it with a glass of apple cider vinegar. You can also add this beverage to your cocktail of Kratom powder and lime juice if you want.

Why Would You Want to Use Kratom Potentiators?

This is a good question and there are a few answers to it. First of all, a potentiator will amplify the benefits of various Kratom products, including white Kratom powder. As a result, you can achieve higher states of sedation and relaxation with a smaller dose of Kratom.

Secondly, some potentiators, such as black pepper, can improve the absorption of Kratom in your body. As a result, your chronic pains will be alleviated quickly and the effects will appear much sooner in comparison with not using a potentiator.

Lastly, potentiators also prevent you from building a high tolerance to this natural drug. By doing so, you don’t necessarily have to increase the dosage to obtain the same effect. This helps you enjoy Kratom responsibly without becoming addicted to it.

Take Advantage of Kratom Potentiators Today!

Whether you use these potentiators with White kratom powder or any other Kratom product, you’ll likely take your experience to the next level. Remember to decrease your standard Kratom dosage if you use it with a potentiator to avoid achieving the wrong effect.

If your supplies of Kratom are running low then don’t hesitate to check out our online store. We sell only high-quality Kratom products and our collection includes different types of Kratom strains from various parts of the world. Take a look at it and feel free to choose what you like! 

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