Is Smoking Kratom Actually Safe? Everything You Need To Know

smoking kratom

Kratom is otherwise known as mitragyna speciosa. The herb has attracted recent popularity in the wellness community for reducing anxiety and managing pain relief. The medicinal plant originates from several countries in Southeast Asia, used in religious and healing ceremonies.

During these ceremonies, kratom was consumed either raw, in tea, or smoked. If you’re new to using the herb and wonder how to consume it, you may consider smoking kratom. But like many therapeutic drugs and herbs, it’s not as simple as smoking kratom like a cigarette.

Plus, there are some safety concerns linked to smoking kratom. If you want to learn more about smoking kratom and whether it’s safe, we’re here to help.

Keep reading for our advice.

Is Smoking Kratom Safe?

While the FDA doesn’t regulate kratom, it’s broadly considered safe for human consumption. However, the method in which you consume kratom alters how it affects your body. As with smoking any substance, smoking kratom comes with some risks.

For example, when you smoke tobacco, you’re taking in potent active nicotine compounds. You’re also absorbing other damaging chemicals such as carcinogens by-products in the smoke.

Kratom smoke may also contain other damaging substances that may reduce the benefits of kratom. For example, this can include reduced irritability and a tranquil state of mind.

Because of this, smoking kratom is one of the few methods that isn’t agreed on. While kratom is an herb that’s easy to burn, few people have documented whether the process works effectively or not. There are some reports of communities in Southeast Asia smoking the leaves as they grow in substantial amounts there.

However, it’s also understood that most of the ingredients from kratom burn before they can affect the body. Because of this, the dosage is higher when smoking when compared to other ways of taking it. That’s because to receive the equivalent of an average oral dose, you’d need to use at least 25 to 25 grams of leaves.

Of course, the dosage required varies on your health and body shape. Burning kratom is much left effective, and a lot of the potency is lost due to the indirect method of consumption. While it’s possible to smoke kratom powder rather than just the raw leaves, the final result is often the same.

It’s unknown if there are any significant differences between smoking the two different types of kratom. But, typically, they’ll deliver the same effects.

So, smoking kratom introduces more significant risks to your well-being because it’s generally linked with health problems.

Why Would Someone Smoke Kratom?

So, why would someone choose to smoke kratom? Although the method is much less efficient, smoking kratom powder helps users cope with addictions and drug habits that lead to severe harm to the body.

Since kratom doesn’t provide any significant side effects, it’s hard to become physically addicted. That makes kratom a safe and reliable replacement for almost any other smoked drug or substance. This is even for something as common as typical tobacco cigarettes.

There are no chemicals in kratom that builds up dependencies. This is because its calming effects are entirely natural and doesn’t have anything with addictive properties.

While kratom affects the body’s brain and receptors similar to opioids, there are far fewer risks involved. That means they can feed opioid addictions without introducing the same worrying health issues.

Likewise, all types of kratom are renowned for their ability to lessen the emotional and physical pain. Kratom works as a mood enhancer and confidence booster while making the body feel less stiff and uncomfortable while moving.

When consumed in higher doses, kratom can reduce depression and anxiety, or even work as a natural aphrodisiac. However, the great news is that kratom doesn’t deliver the same risks as medication or artificial libido enhancers.

What Are the Risks of Smoking Kratom?

The main alkaloid in kratom is called mitragynine. It makes up around 66% of the alkaloid content and produces most of kratom’s potent effects. But, there are also more than 25 other alkaloids in kratom in differing ratios. This is thanks to variable geographical locations and harvesting times.

This means that various strains have different amounts of these alkaloids, delivering specific properties and benefits. Heating kratom can alter the potency and effectiveness of the alkaloids found in the strain. Smoking sends the active compounds to your bloodstream quicker thanks to the dense network of blood vessels by the alveoli in your lungs.

This combination makes it challenging to effectively work out a suitable dosage and predict the effects of kratom on your body. After all, the benefits of kratom depend on the dose.

Low doses of kratom are known for delivering stimulating effects of optimism and motivation. However, more substantial quantities may offer a sense of calm and tranquility.

The average dose for kratom is 2.4 grams, and users shouldn’t take more than two servings within 24 hours. Those who decide to smoke kratom may discover that more crushed leaf or powder is necessary to reach the right dosage.

As the heat of smoking kratom eradicates many active alkaloids, users often discover that they require more kratom than they would use with other methods of consuming kratom, such as taking kratom powder tea.

Other adverse effects of smoking kratom include consuming unwanted compounds to the lungs. This consists of the by-products of burning, like carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and soot particles.

With time, smoking kratom can harm your respiratory health. It also limits the effectiveness of your kratom dose.

What Do People Think About Smoking Kratom?

So, what do people think about smoking kratom? Many Reddit users didn’t report smoking kratom as a good way to ingest the herb. That was either because they didn’t feel confident that smoking kratom would be effective.

Those that had tried smoking kratom didn’t see it as an efficient way of consuming the herb. Many people felt like it was a waste of the substance, even those who grew it at home.

Some kratom users even believed that the significant tar content and potential lung and breathing damage it causes were why the herb has been banned or regulated in many countries and states. However, it’s essential to understand that these are the side effects of smoking kratom, rather than from the plant itself.

Some people reported that smoking kratom could deliver more immediate side effects, including headaches and discomforts. However, it’s essential to consider that this may be affected by other conditions such as how ventilated the room was.

Generally, most people discussing smoking kratom on the internet agreed that smoking the herb is far less efficient, convenient, and enjoyable than other consumption methods. This includes just taking raw kratom powder orally, which can be difficult due to the taste.

Can You Vape Kratom?

Many people view vaping as a safer way to smoke, but other reports suggest otherwise. It involves inhaling an aerosol product using a handheld electronic atomizer. This atomizer links to a cartridge featuring water, flavorings, and propylene glycol solvent.

Vaping is still relatively new, and the safety of the practice is still in question. Some researchers claim that vaping is more harmful than smoking nicotine or herbal supplements directly.

Some studies have discovered that delicate particulate matter from vape pens can reach the lungs. Contaminants in e-liquids may also be to blame for the significant increase in lung injuries arising in people between the ages of 30 and 55 due to vaping.

Kratom leaf, powder, and extracts are incompatible for vaping, even with specially designed herbal vaporizers. Like with smoking, the heat arising from vaporizers can affect the fragile alkaloid structure, making it less effective than other consumption methods.

What Are Some Safe Ways of Consuming Kratom?

Smoking kratom isn’t recommended. However, there are various ways users can consume kratom safely and effectively.

Toss-and-Wash Technique

One of the simplest and most common ways of ingesting kratom is the toss-and-wash technique. This method of consumption helps to mask the bitter herbal aftertaste of kratom.

Tossing kratom powder with water can also help to lessen the dehydrating effects kratom tends to have. The plant is a member of the coffee plant family, which has a diuretic effect on the system.

The toss-and-wash method involves measuring a dose of fine kratom powder on a spoon and placing it inside the mouth. After taking it, quickly wash the kratom powder down with a glass of cold water or juice. While the water or juice quickly reduces the taste of kratom powder, be aware that this method may cause some mild discomfort or gagging, especially for people new to the experience.

Alternatively, you can stir kratom powder into a glass jar of water, juice, or milk and give it a fair shake to produce a kratom suspension. Then, drink the whole solution and then use more liquid to consume any remainder powder at the glass’s bottom. This toss-and-wash method reduces any nausea and encourages the kratom to go down more smoothly.

Mixing Kratom

Like the popular toss-and-wash method, mixing kratom into a flavored drink can help to reduce the bitter taste of the herb. However, mixed kratom drinks should be swallowed slowly.

Popular kratom drinks include coffee, flavored milk, and fruit smoothies mixed with kratom. Mix in a dose of kratom powder to your beverage of choice and blend well.

To activate the alkaloid compounds, consider adding in an acidic component like a lemon or lime juice. Citrus juice is a potentiator for kratom, meaning it helps enhance its benefits for longer.

Some find that enjoying a kratom iced coffee in the morning is an easy and effective way to receive their dose. Kickstart your morning with the herb by blending a cup of milk, a shot of espresso, an amount of kratom, a sweetener, and plenty of ice. Merge until smooth.

Kratom Tea

Sipping on kratom tea is another popular option of consumption. There are several methods for brewing kratom tea, depending on whether you choose to use kratom powder or dried leaves.

An easy option is to boil your water, then pour the kratom powder straight into the hot water. You can also use a steeping device. Mix until the kratom has wholly mixed into the water and serve your tea with a fresh slice of lemon or grapefruit.

Don’t Try Smoking Kratom

Compared with other safer methods of consumption, smoking kratom is a dangerous way to ingest the herb. Not to mention, smoking kratom is also ineffective compared to other consumption techniques. Smoking kratom takes longer, requires larger doses, and isn’t as convenient as other consumption methods.

If you’re consuming kratom for recreational reasons, smoking the substance is one of the worst ways to take it, no matter the circumstances. The only real benefit of smoking kratom is using it as a method of breaking addictions on other cigarette-based substances. This is because using kratom is safer than most other smoked substances, even with the potential health issues attached.

While kratom is beneficial in improving feelings of mental clarity and motivation, it’s essential to discover a suitable dose for your body. By smoking kratom this can be challenging.

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