How to Use Kratom Capsules and What Are the Pros and Cons?

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Are you used to heading to your medicine cabinet first thing in the morning, looking for a pain reliever or muscle relaxer to help ease your stiff back or soothe your tense shoulders? Find yourself heading to the coffee pot every afternoon like clockwork, reaching for that third cup of Joe to help you make it through the mid-day slump?

If you’re tired of being tired, you can use kratom to help.

The leaves from the kratom plant can be ground into a fine powder that’s easy to encapsulate and take on a regular basis. Today, we’re taking a closer look at how these capsules work, what makes them so powerful, and how you can make or order your own!

What Are the Top Ways to Use Kratom?

Before we dive into how to use kratom, let’s briefly go over the background of this do-all plant.

Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, is a tropical evergreen tree that grows natively in Southeast Asia. It is a member of the coffee family, which helps to explain its energizing effects!

For years, farmers have consumed the leaves of this tree raw, often picking them while out working in the fields, and then chewing them for a near-instant energy boost that could propel them through the day. While this is certainly one approach you can take, most people in the West find that raw kratom leaves are a little too bitter for their palate.

Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can take kratom instead!

Toss and Wash

Are you up for the challenge of taking kratom raw, but aren’t quite sure about gnawing on the leaves? If you want the full-bodied experience, you can follow what’s known as the “toss and wash” method.

With this approach, you’ll put a dose of kratom powder directly in your mouth (around two to four grams). This powder is simply the raw kratom leaves, ground into a fine texture that can blend seamlessly into hot or cold beverages.

Once the kratom is in your mouth, you’ll follow it with a hearty dose of water or juice to help wash it down! While this isn’t exactly the most delicious way to take kratom, it can help it enter your bloodstream quicker and deliver a faster pain-relieving response. 

Kratom Tea

Rather than ingesting the kratom powder raw, most users prefer to blend kratom powder into tea. To do so, you’ll simply heat up a few cups of hot water and pour it right over the kratom powder.

As you do, take care not to boil the water, as this can lessen the effects of its powerful alkaloids. A teaspoon of kratom powder is also a delicious addition to your normal cup of hot herbal tea! 

Kratom Edibles

Kratom can also be used as a star ingredient in delicious edibles, such as brownies and cookies.

Simply add a little kratom powder to your favorite recipes, and you can enjoy their relaxing, euphoria-producing qualities as you nibble. It’s especially decadent in chocolate chip cookies!

Kratom Capsules

Finally, let’s talk about kratom capsules.

As their name implies, these are capsules that contain a pre-measured amount of kratom powder. They are ideal when you want to experience the effects of kratom, but you don’t want the messiness that raw powder requires. 

They’re also best if you live a busy lifestyle and don’t exactly have the time to make a cup of tea from scratch at home every morning. You can just keep a bottle of kratom capsules in your bathroom and set up a routine to take them at the same time, so you’re always stocked and ready to go.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Kratom Capsules?

Any form of kratom can include both benefits and drawbacks.

This is why you won’t find a specific type that works perfectly for everyone. Your lifestyle and personal preference will determine which method is the best for you. To this end, let’s take a look at a few of the pros and cons of kratom capsules.

Pros of Kratom Capsules

As mentioned, ease of use is one of the best reasons to invest in a few bottles of kratom capsules. This form of kratom is mess-free and a cinch to take. A few of the other benefits include:

  • Virtually no taste
  • Easy to measure your exact dose
  • Easy to remember to take
  • Convenient for travel

These capsules are perfect for anyone on the go, who wants to feel great and experience kratom’s potent mood-lifting properties, but doesn’t want to deal with messy loose powder. If you find the taste of kratom especially off-putting, you’ll find that these are an excellent alternative, as the taste is greatly minimized. 

Others appreciate capsules for their flexibility and customization. If you make your own capsules by hand, you can mix the different strains you use to achieve different effects. For example, you can combine White Maeng Da Kratom Powder with Green Bali Kratom Powder for powerful stress relief with just the right jolt of energy.

Cons of Kratom Capsules

Compared to other ways to use kratom, capsules are a little slower acting. This is because your body has to absorb the capsule before the kratom can reach your system and start improving your physical and mental wellbeing.

This is especially the case if you take your kratom capsules with food. When you do so, your body has even more substances to break down before it can begin absorbing the kratom. Some people might consider this less of an impact compared to the money that they spend. In addition, the digestive process can be a little hard on your stomach, especially if you take your pills first thing in the morning.

Still, while some might view the late onset as a drawback, it can also be a relief. If you take kratom capsules early in the day, you’ll feel the effects a few hours later, which can be ideal if you need to be active, present and alert at your job. 

Dosing Guidelines for Kratom Capsules

More research must be performed before strict dosing guidelines can be established for kratom powder. There are a few different factors that will determine how much each individual should take, and these will vary from person to person. They include:

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Gender
  • The strain of kratom used
  • Lifestyle
  • Metabolism rate

Most capsules contain around .5 grams of capsules each.

As with any substance, it’s best to start out with a small dose and gradually work your way upward until you find the amount that delivers the effects you need. Here are the guidelines that can help you understand your personal limits:

  • Mild dose: One to two grams of kratom, or around two to four capsules
  • Moderate dose: Two to 4.5 grams of kratom, or around four to nine capsules
  • High dose: 4.5 to eight grams of kratom, or around nine to 16 capsules

Be sure to check your bottle to know how much kratom is in each capsule before using the chart above. Once you know what yours contain, you can modify these numbers accordingly.

Can I Make My Own Kratom Capsules?

Unfortunately, most of us can’t exactly afford a high-tech encapsulation machine. These are the tools used to make the commercial kratom capsules you can buy today. They accurately split the capsule into two halves, distribute the precise amount of powder, scrape the excess away and seal the halves back together. 

This approach minimizes waste and maximizes efficiency, allowing companies to produce hundreds of capsules per minute. 

Still, that doesn’t mean you’re entirely out of luck. There are two ways you can make your own kratom capsules at home. Let’s briefly review each DIY method.

Filling Capsules By Hand

Of course, if you buy kratom powder online, you can always make your own capsules that way!

To do so, simply find a resource that sells natural, empty capsules that are ready for you to fill. Today, you can find capsules made out of a variety of ingredients, including hard gelatin, glucose and vegetarian materials including hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

Once you have your capsules and you’ve chosen your prefered kratom strain, you can use a small, specially-made scoop to fill each capsule with the amount of kratom you need. While this is a cost-effective method, you can imagine that it’s not exactly the cleanest or the easiest.

Often, users will spill excess kratom as they attempt to fill and close the capsules. You may also find that the kratom powder sticks to your hands, making it even more difficult to get a solid seal.

Using a Manual Encapsulation Tray

A manual encapsulation tray is a much quicker and effective way to fill your kratom capsules at home. For this approach, you’ll still need to buy the capsules separately, but the process is nowhere near as laborious or time-intensive.

With the encapsulation tray set before you, simply place one half of an empty capsule into each hole. Most trays are designed to hold between 50 and 100 capsules per batch. Then, you will scoop the powder over the entire tray, smoothing it out once you’re done to make sure each capsule is filled to the brim.

Then, you’ll place the top half back on each capsule, and you’re done! This method is best if you intend to create and store a large batch of capsules and don’t want to mess with the work required to manually fill and seal each one. Any excess powder that you sweep off will be contained in the tray, so you can use it again next time. 

Considerations to Keep in Mind

Making your own kratom capsules by hand can be a fun and rewarding process. However, there are a few notes to keep in mind before you begin.

When you purchase kratom capsules from a trusted supplier, you know that you’re getting a top-tier, consistent product that has undergone myriad tests for safety and quality. This isn’t exactly the case when you make yours at home.

Despite your best efforts, some capsules might be filled to full capacity, while others might be partially filled. This makes it difficult to gauge an accurate dose. Are you getting .5 grams of kratom in that capsule, or only .25? How many should you take to achieve your desired results?

Professionally-filled capsules are specially formulated to deliver a measurable weight and set amount of potency. They take into account the type of kratom powder used, as well as its special texture, and adjust their filling approach accordingly. For instance, manufacturers may add trace amounts of certain ingredients, such as cellulose, to help bulk up extra-fine powder and fill the capsule completely. 

If you’re simply gauging by how the capsule fills, you could easily overfill yours and make them too potent. Or, you could underfill them and fail to realize their benefits. That’s why it’s best to purchase kratom capsules that are already made whenever possible.

Are Kratom Capsules Right For You?

You already know that shopping online for kratom powder is a smart move. In our online store, you can find many different kratom strains, each designed to help boost your mood and ease your pain in its own way.

While there are lots of ways to use kratom, there isn’t a method that works perfectly for everyone. You might find that you prefer to strictly drink kratom tea, while your neighbor is always concocting a new edible! Kratom capsules are another form to try, and there are many reasons to give them a second look.

Capsules are quick, convenient and fuss-free. When you want to experience the best of kratom without any of the messy drawbacks, this method is one to try. Feel free to browse our online collection to find plenty of powders to fill your capsules, and contact us with any questions. 

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