How to Store Kratom Properly and Maximize Shelf Life

how to store kratom

What if you could cure your pain and anxiety with a single purchase?

Kratom can provide this kind of relief while helping with everything from diarrhea to addiction. But to get the most out of your Kratom, you need to know how to store it.

Unfortunately, many fans of this substance don’t know how to store Kratom. And without proper storage, you might as well just throw your money away.

Want to know how you can properly store your kratom and maximize its shelf life? Keep reading to discover our comprehensive guide! 

How Long Should You Store It?

We’ve put together a complete guide to how you should store your kratom. However, we need to answer a more fundamental question: how long should you be storing it in the first place?

For best results, you should use your freshly ground kratom leaves no more than 3 months after you receive it. And some kratom fans try to use it within the same month in order to maximize the potency.

Keep this range of time in mind as you read our guide. While our techniques will help you store kratom, its basic form is not intended for really longterm storage.

The Importance of Proper Storage

Our guide will help you uncover what to do (and what not to do) when it comes to storing kratom. But why is proper storage so important? And what happens if you improperly store kratom?

We already touched on the main consequence: kratom may become less potent over time. That is because the primary ingredient, mitragynine, will transform into something else over time, rendering your kratom useless.

Generally speaking, our storage guidelines below are designed to help protect the mitragynine within the kratom. By protecting it as long as possible, you can maximize your kratom’s shelf life by maximizing the length of its full potency.

General Storage Guidelines

We’re going to dive deeper into each of these topics a bit later. But generally speaking, you can break kratom storage basics down into a few key ideas.

You need to keep kratom away from UV light, which means finding someplace safe and dark. It is also temperature sensitive, and dark places tend to be nice and cool.

Other factors include humidity and even oxygen. That is why the best storage techniques involve using special containers (more on this in a moment).

Interestingly, there is a lot of overlap between kratom and tea. Not only is it possible for you to drink kratom in tea form, but most of the techniques for storing tea work well for storing kratom as well.

Types of Containers

What containers should you use to store kratom? You actually have several options, some of which are probably kicking around your house right now.

For example, you can use simple plastic bags or freezer bags to store kratom. The benefits of these types of containers is that it is very easy for you to squeeze excess oxygen out before you find a cool, dark place to store them.

If you want something a little sturdier, you can use glass jars or plastic bins. For best results, try to use dark containers that are more resistant to UV light. No matter how resistant they are, though, try to store them in a very dark place.

Using Trusted Vendors

Remember when we discussed using kratom within one to three months of receiving it? That timeline goes off the assumption that the leaf is freshly ground when you receive it.

If a vendor sends you old kratom, it can throw off your entire timetable. And it may end up losing its potency far sooner than you expected.

The solution, then, is to make sure all of the kratom you receive is as fresh as possible. In order to do that, you need to find a reliable vendor for all of your kratom needs.

Once you have a good vendor and a good storage solution, it’s time to store your kratom. Keep reading to learn more about storage methods and storage safety.

Temperature Variation

One of the basics of kratom storage is putting it in a cool, dark place. Because of that, you may think the main enemy to kratom potency is heat.

In reality, kratom reacts very negatively to temperature variation. If you store kratom in an area that alternates in temperature (maybe from people constantly opening a door, or shifting temperatures due to a nearby window), it will degrade very quickly.

Because of this, many kratom users store it in places like pantries or root cellars. It is easier to control temperatures in these areas than, say, the kitchen (whose temperature will fluctuate due to everything from nearby windows to regular oven use).

Dangers of UV Light

While temperature variation is the main “enemy” of kratom potency, sunlight is a close second. Even if the temperature doesn’t really change, exposure to UV light can damage kratom potency in a big way.

Why? The UV light causes the alkaloids within the kratom to start breaking down. And by the time you get around to using it, the kratom may be nearly useless.

This is why you need to be very careful about both the container and the storage area for your kratom. While plastic bags or freezer bags are very convenient containers, they are also very vulnerable to UV exposure.

If you’re storing kratom in an area that may get occasional UV light exposure, you should use the dark, UV-resistant glasses and plastic bins we mentioned earlier.

Too Much Oxygen

Too much oxygen is actually bad for kratom, which is why we recommended squeezing out the excess oxygen from those plastic bags. And the oxygen is so dangerous because of a process known as oxidation.

You may only associate oxidation with rust on metal surfaces. However, oxidation can also degrade food and vitamins, affecting everything from the flavor to the potency of whatever you are consuming.

As you might expect, that same oxidation process can degrade the effectiveness of your kratom. Because of that, you need to minimize how much oxygen gets into and stays within your chosen container.

That’s why any containers you use must be airtight. Check the seals on your bags and the jars on your glasses and bins each time you store your kratom away.

Intense Scents

So far, we have focused only on maintaining the potency of your kratom. But you need to be worried about something else when you store it: the taste!

Kratom is actually very vulnerable to strong odors. These odors won’t make your kratom any less potent, but they will affect how it tastes.

That’s why you may want to think twice before storing kratom in a refrigerator. While the refrigerator can help you control factors like temperature and UV light exposure, it is also where you store much of your food. By the time you take your Kratom, the scents within your refrigerator may make it taste like something else entirely.

And let’s be honest: by itself, kratom already tastes pretty bitter. If that bitterness ends up absorbing assorted other flavors from the refrigerator, your kratom may end up tasting even worse!

This is why we recommend getting fresh containers instead of reusing old containers that may retain old smells. A container that is usually used for something else (whether that’s an old coffee cup or even a cigar humidor) may result in kratom with a very different flavor!

No Damp Areas

Storing kratom is a lot like storing food. And as you may know from storing food, you need to be wary of unwanted moisture.

Food that gets wet will become nasty and inedible. And if your kratom gets wet, it doesn’t just lose potency: it may actually begin to rot.

By the way, this can happen to your kratom regardless of form. Leaves, capsules, and powders are all in danger of rotting and need to be kept out of damp areas.

It’s possible for humidity to build within the containers, especially if extra oxygen gets in there. To combat this, you may want to place a paper towel or two in the container to “soak up” potential humidity.

The dangers of damp areas are one more reason you should be wary of storing kratom in your refrigerator. If your fridge tends to develop humidity and condensation, then you may be ruining any kratom that you store inside it.

Storing for Daily Use

We have reviewed multiple kratom storage containers and methods. But which ones are best for your needs? It mostly comes down to whether you are storing kratom for daily use or storing it for the longterm.

To store for daily use, we recommend using plastic bags. Once you get the excess oxygen out of the bag, it provides a safe place to store kratom. We also like plastic bags because it is easy to create the desired kratom portion for you to take each day.

If you have a cool, dark place to store them, you can store these plastic bags “as is.” For additional organization, though, we recommend throwing them in bins to help you separate your kratom by weekly amounts. And if the bin is dark and UV-resistant, then all the kratom you store will be that much safer.

When you first start storing kratom, you may need to experiment before you discover the best plastic bags, bins, and organization methods to use.

Storing for the Long-Term

We’ve covered how to store kratom for daily use. But what if you need to store it for longer periods of time? The good news is that you can use the same technique with a few key modifications.

For example, we still recommend placing your kratom into plastic bags first. And we still recommend placing those bags into plastic bins. What changes, though, are your kratom portions as well as your organization system.

Instead of splitting kratom into small daily portions, you may want to split it up into larger weekly or even monthly portions. And then you can use the bins to organize by week, month, or even by other metrics like the forms and strains of the kratom.

The goal of this long-term storage is to make it easy for you to grab what you need, when you need it. Depending on how often you will be using the kratom, this may inform whether you store by the week, month, or some other metric of time.

Kratom Tea Storage

Most of our storage techniques have focused on storing your kratom powder, leaves, or capsules. But what if you prefer to drink your kratom in the form of tea?

Once you brew your kratom tea, you have multiple storage options. This, too, comes down to short- or long-term storage.

For short-term storage, kratom tea can last about a week in your refrigerator. It doesn’t require any special storage container, so a tea pitcher will do just fine.

For long-term storage, you can freeze your kratom tea. This helps it last indefinitely and yields other benefits, including making the kratom more potent.

You can freeze kratom tea in any plastic container or even turn it into kratom tea ice cubes. It all comes down to how you want to consume the kratom later on.

Regular Kratom Maintenance

We’ve reviewed some longterm kratom storage methods. While these are effective, keep in mind that you’ll still need to regularly check on your kratom.

For example, you can store kratom in almost any form in your freezer. But you’ll need to check on it to make sure it hasn’t developed freezer burn or even mold.

If you’re storing somewhere else (like a pantry or root cellar), you need to check on your kratom and make sure it still looks the same. Visual changes usually indicate that a negative change has occurred.

Finally, give the kratom a sniff when you check on it. Changes in smell, like changes in appearance, may mean it has degraded.

How to Store Kratom: What Comes Next?

Now you know how to store kratom. But do you know who can deliver kratom right to your door?

We specialize in all things kratom and offer customers the products and services they deserve. To see how we can take care of your needs, contact us today!


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