How to Properly Store Kratom to Extend Its Longevity

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You’ve recently discovered that you love using kratom. It eases your mind and makes daily life better.

Perhaps you’ve invested in a considerable stash of powder so that you can quickly and efficiently make your daily brew or capsules to consume. You may even have various strains on hand so you can mix things up week to week.

While you have plenty of kratom ready to use, there’s one question you’re likely to have. What’s the best way to store kratom?

Similar to other botanicals, kratom has optimal conditions that it should be stored in for the most efficient and successful results. Just like certain kinds of foods out in the open can result in ruined food, not storing kratom properly can adversely affect its taste and freshness.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here’s our guide on how to store kratom to extend its longevity.

Why Does Storage Matter?

Before we tell you about the best practice for kratom storage, let’s go over why it’s so essential.

Kratom loses alkaloid content over time. If you have plenty of kratom strains at home and you leave them alone for some time, they’ll adjust in this way. While further studies are required to see how quickly this occurs, the active ingredient in kratom, mitragynine turns into mitragynine psuedoindoxyl over time.

The two may sound similar, but the latter has significant differences from mitragynine. This change would be evident to you upon consumption. Plus, its generally better to look after your kratom.

When you’re purchasing kratom, you’re investing in your well-being. If you store it poorly, it’s easy to lose or spill powder, which is wasteful. Or you may not be able to find the strain you’re looking for when you need it.

Kratom begins as the leaves of a tropical evergreen tree located in the humid rainforests of Southeast Asia. 

First the kratom leaves are harvested and dried. Then, they’re transformed into a fine powder. This powder may be further developed into extracts or encapsulated for convenient use.

This is the origin which determines the conditions required to get the best benefits out of your kratom. Most experts suggest using your kratom within three months of harvesting when the active compounds are the most concentrated in the plant.

With time, environmental conditions will reduce the quality of your kratom. However, with proper and consistent storage, you can prolong the life of your kratom out to a year or longer.

Now it’s time to learn how to safely and correctly store your kratom.

Storing Kratom for Daily Use

When you’re using one type of kratom powder daily, you should keep it in a sealed bag and the cupboard.

Make sure you keep using the powder daily. If you’re using it daily, you’ll likely consume it all before it can reduce in quality. Keeping it sealed and safe in a cupboard can help protect it from harmful UV light and oxygen, so your kratom will be in the best condition for use.

To store your kratom in sealed plastic bags, divide your kratom capsules, powder, or leaves into small portions for each day. Then, place each part into a separate container.

An essential step to this method of storage is to remove all the air from the plastic bags, as oxygen affects kratom’s longevity. Close the load as much as possible and press down to get rid of any lingering air. You can also take a straw to suck out the air before you zip the bag shut.

Some kratom users opt for vacuum seal bags to store their strains.

Once you have your plastic bags sealed and ready for storage, set them all in a bigger plastic bin or tin to divide your kratom dosages by the week or month. Any kratom you don’t use will be kept away from UV light, dampness, or oxygen. These are the three primary factors that reduce kratom’s efficacy.

Many kratom users place their sealed, daily-use bags in the freezer for longer-term storage. However, it’s still unknown whether this is any more successful than other storage methods.  You must also be aware of potential freezer burn on your kratom when you keep it in the freezer for extended periods.

Storing Kratom for Long-Term Use

If you have lots of different kratom strains at home or you have a large stash of kratom, you’ll want to protect your investment for long-term use. After all, kratom that isn’t used quickly can reduce in quality, so you’ll want to stop that from happening.

Here are some tips on how to store extra kratom powder.

Divide It Up

Separate bigger bags of kratom into two to four-day supplies. If you keep your kratom in smaller pockets, it’s easy to keep the product fresh. Plus, it’s simpler to grab a small amount from your storage area when you need it.

Consider how you usually consume your kratom and arrange the small baggies to reflect your needs and requirements. This ensures you aren’t struggling to restock your daily supply spot when necessary.

Use Airtight Bags

Again, whether you’re storing your kratom for long or short-term use, it’s essential to remove all the air out of the bags. If you plan to have a large amount of kratom at home, you may even want to invest in purchasing a vacuum sealer to get rid of as much air as possible before you close up the bags.

Otherwise, you can try to squeeze out as much air as possible from the bag before you close it up. Remember, the more airtight your storage method, the better chance you have of the kratom retaining its quality for a longer time.

Store As Tea

If you’re a kratom tea drinker, you may be able to make a big batch of tea and then place it in a plastic container to freeze. Then, you can thaw it for later use.

While kratom tea remains fresh in the refrigerator for up to one week, freezing can extend its longevity. In the long run, this can save you a significant amount of prep.

How to Choose the Right Containers

When storing your kratom, it’s essential to choose the right containers. Make sure to select light-blocking containers, as UV light is damaging to kratom powder’s quality.

It would be best if you also chose airtight containers. Once off the tree, kratom is incredibly sensitive to outside environmental influences. The simplest way to prevent contamination is to keep kratom cut off from the outside world.

Use containers that seal both securely and tightly. A jar with a new lid works incredibly well. Many kratom users also find simple resealable plastic containers work well, like the kind you’d put leftover food in.

How to Find the Right Storage Spot

Be sure to store your kratom containers in a place that’s cool, dry, and dark, like a cupboard.

As mentioned, some kratom users swear by placing their containers in the freezer. While we aren’t sure what the results of freezing kratom are yet, we know that setting your container in a cool and dry location is essential for prolonging the life of your kratom powder.

Kratom Storage Dos

DO: As dried vegetation, you should prevent any moisture from contaminating your kratom powder. Not only can water lead to clumping or damaging the powder’s consistency, but too much moisture that’s left undried can encourage the growth of mold.

Mold destroys kratom and presents a health hazard all alone. If one of your kratom containers has even a tiny amount of mold, don’t try to consume or save the rest of the contents.

Dispose of the kratom with the mold and review your kratom storing habits to ensure it doesn’t occur again.

DO: Ensuring you’re storing kratom in a dark place away from direct UV light. If you can, choose opaque storage containers or brown, amber jars when picking containers to store your kratom. If you only have clear containers, don’t place your kratom in any light, but notably not in direct sunlight.

Remember, solar radiation can bleach the curtains hanging in your window, so it can affect your kratom too.

DO: Keep your storage temperature stable and cool. Don’t introduce big temperature swings, or you may notice condensation starting to form inside the container.

Try to stick to a consistent shirt-sleeve number on the thermometer, and your kratom should be fine. However, cooler temperatures are always better if they’re stable.

Kratom Storage Don’ts

DON’T: Let your kratom breathe. The leaves are already dead and ground up. They don’t require breathing.

In fact, it’s the opposite. If you store your kratom openly, you allow for contamination and oxidation. Oxygen hurts cells, which is why antioxidants are so essential in kratom beauty products. The simplest way to combat oxidation is to prevent fresh oxygen from reaching into the container you’re storing kratom in.

DON’T: Trust that your container can store kratom in a damp environment. Even if you completely trust your container’s airtight seal, don’t risk keeping it in a wet place. It’s not worth taking the risk that there won’t be a small leak that welcomes moisture in.

DON’T: Set your kratom storage containers near a source of temperature change. For example, HVAC vents, above the back of a refrigerator, or in a cupboard or cabinet over the dryer in the laundry room.

The number one enemy of stored food products, including kratom, is moisture. You don’t want your kratom to become wet and soggy; otherwise, it will rot and be unusable. Dampness affects kratom capsules, powder, and leaves in the same damaging way.

If your refrigerator is particularly humid, don’t use it as a storage area space. Often humidity can build up in storage containers such as bins, so make sure there is as little oxygen reaching the containers as possible. A good trick is to add a paper towel or piece of bread to your storage container, as this can help soak up excess humidity lingering in the air.

DON’T: Use equipment for other items for kratom storage. A cigar humidor may destroy your kratom, for example. Many people believe vegetation is vegetation, but aged tobacco and dried kratom are entirely different.

Please keep it simple and follow our tips above.

Are You Ready to Store Kratom Properly?

Whether you’ve been using kratom for a while now or you’re new to it, you want to get the most of your investments. Knowing the best practices to store kratom is crucial so you can maintain the longevity and quality of your strains.

As kratom is a botanical, it’s essential to take some careful steps to protect it in storage. Once you’ve found a kratom strain (or a few) that you love, be sure to store it safely and correctly so that it lasts for a long time.

Choose a spot that’s cool and shady without any strong odors or moisture. By putting in some effort, you can rest assured that your kratom lasts as long as possible.

Whether you regularly shop for bulk orders to save money on kratom or you’re stocking up for a specific reason, storing your kratom safely and appropriately will help you get your money’s worth from your investment.

If you’re looking for high-quality strains of kratom, we’re here to help. Shop with us here and find the ideal strain for you. After all, choosing quality kratom makes a significant difference in how much you enjoy taking it.

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