Green Vein Kratom: How Is It Different From Other Strains?

green vein kratom

Kratom is a miracle plant that has astounding benefits. The leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree (Kratom) contain powerful alkaloids that enthusiasts around the world praise. 

Green Vein Kratom is a highly prized variety of Kratom that many seasoned fans and newbies alike both enjoy. If you would like to take an in-depth exploration of this beloved botanical, then keep reading!

What Is Kratom? 

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree that grows in the wild in countries such as Borneo, Thailand, and Malaysia. It has been used in the Southeast Asian region for centuries for everything from socio-religious ceremonies to an energizing boost for day-laborers. 

The tree is now widely farmed and cultivated due to an increase in Western popularity. During the farming process, the trees are grown, and then, when the time is right, the leaves are plucked from the trees and cured. 

The finished product is generally sold to wholesalers who will purchase it either in its stem and leaf dried form or as a loose-leaf powder. Kratom has many varieties such as Green Vein, so wholesalers and purveyors need to have a strong relationship with the cultivators to ensure they are receiving the proper Kratom variety. 

The Strain Versus Vein Debate 

You will see Kratom labeled in many ways, however, most frequently it has a label with an indication of the Vein: Red, Green, White, Yellow, and also the Strain or Variety: Maeng Da, Thai, Sumatra, etc. 

So, for example, you might see Kratom labeled as such:

  • Red Vein Bali 
  • White Vein Hulu 
  • Green Vein Thai 
  • Yellow Vein Sumatra

These descriptors help to identify the Vein of Kratom as well as the style or country of origin. So where is the confusion? Let’s dive into that!

The Kratom Tree

Kratom trees, in the wild, do present themselves as Red, White, and Green Vein, however, the majority of Kratom sold currently is Kratom cultivated from the Red Vein Kratom tree. 

What gives the Kratom its distinct color and effects aren’t solely dependent on the tree itself as previously thought. We are now finding that the curing or drying process as well as when the leaves are picked have the most profound effect on alkaloid concentration and color. 

Green Vein Kratom Color  

To achieve the bright green color of Green Vein Kratom the leaves are picked and then mostly dried indoors under UV light. This process maintains the green hue of the Green Vein varietals.

Other varieties such as Red Vein are sometimes slightly fermented and often dried outside. This process is what gives them their distinct deep red hues. 

The Alkaloids 

Kratom is biochemically related to the coffee plant, however, it is one of the most unique botanicals on the planet! Why? The alkaloids! 

Alkaloids, like the ones found in Green Vein Kratom, have a profound effect on humans. They are naturally occurring in plants and animals and derived from amino acids.

Kratom has over 40 alkaloids including two that are exclusive to the Kratom plant called Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine.

Alkaloids have a variety of benefits such as being:

  • Pain reliever 
  • Anti-cancer
  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti-inflammatory 

The alkaloids in Green Vein Kratom vary depending on the country of origin or cultivation. Green Vein Kratom is a good middle of the road Kratom so to speak as it is generally more balanced in its alkaloid content and has more mild effects than its Red and White siblings. 

Choosing Green Vein Kratom 

Green Vein Kratom can be much milder and for that reason, it is a great option for beginners. Some varietals such as Thai and Maeng Da are relatively potent and loved by enthusiasts. Green Vein Kratom is approachable and good for social situations to ease anxiety

White Vein Kratom and Red Vein Kratom are both hailed for their strength and pain-relieving qualities. Green Kratom has been often used for more social situations as it can increase sociability and it can be energizing. 

The Varietals 

We have touched on the varietals of Kratom a little bit, but now let’s take a look at the complexities of Green Vein Kratom. Each strain has unique characteristics that make Kratom lovers excited to try them. 

Green Maeng Da

Maeng Da Kratom is also known as Pimp’s Grade in Southeast Asia, and while the name might leave something to be desired the Kratom does not disappoint. This strain was originally cultivated in Thailand for its potency and quality. Now it is one of the most sought-after strains in the community due to its long-lasting and energizing effects. 

Green Vein Bali

This variety is grown in beautiful Bali and has a higher alkaloid content than some of the other varietals. It is stimulating but balanced, so it is often used in social situations. 

Green Vein Sandai 

Green Vein Sandai Kratom has a milder effect than some of its relatives. This variety is good for a mid-afternoon pick me up or the first Kratom of the day. 

Green Vein Borneo 

Most Kratom lovers will flock to Red or some White Vein Kratom varieties for pain relief.  Kratom from Borneo, including Green Vein Borneo, has strong pain-relieving qualities. 

Choosing the Right Kratom 

The effects of your Green Vein Kratom will largely depend on your dosage and the variety that you take. There is no one right Kratom for every person. Each Kratom is unique as is each experience. 

Whether you are new to Kratom, or you are a seasoned pro, keeping a Kratom log can help you find the Kratom that suits you best. Keep a detailed diary of things like variety, dosage, effects, etc.

Green Vein Kratom is known for giving its users a sense of well-being and uplifted mood. Keep track of which variety you like the most to have the best Kratom experience. 

Enjoying Your Green Vein Kratom 

In the early days of Kratom use in Southeast Asia workers would pick the leaves right from the tree and chew them for energy throughout the day. In other cases, the leaves were dried and brewed into a tea for ceremonial purposes. 

Modern-day Kratom is available in a variety of options. You might find it encapsulated, as an extract, or in a loose-leaf powder. Green Vein Kratom does have a slightly bitter taste, and it is not water-soluble, so mixing it can be challenging. 

For many seasoned Kratom enthusiasts, the toss and wash method is the fastest way to enjoy Kratom. With that being said, Kratom does not always mix well with the water and the taste can leave something to be desired. 

Other options include brewing a tea with honey or agave to sweeten the mix, mixing it into a smoothie, or blending it into yogurt or applesauce. 

The Natural Source 

Botanicals like Green Vein Kratom have been used for thousands of years in holistic healing. Choosing Kratom is a great alternative to potentially harmful and addictive synthetics. 

Kratom is 100% all-natural. Authentic Kratom is not a synthesized product and it should never contain anything other than 100% Kratom leaves. Using Kratom is a holistic choice that has been in place for centuries. 

The Reputable Source

The most important choice that you will make regarding Kratom is not Green Vein Kratom powder or White Vein. It is the choice to purchase from a reputable source.

As with anything on the market, you must be responsible with how you purchase. Unfortunately, there is Kratom available today that contains harmful adulterants such as heavy metals, binders, fillers, and synthetic material. 

There is only one way to ensure that you are getting safe and quality Kratom is to purchase from a trusted purveyor who applies third-party lab testing to all their Kratom.

This third-party testing is the only way to unbiasedly assure that you are getting the best product and safest product available on the market.  

Making the Best Choice 

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when choosing Green Vein Kratom. Each variety has different effects, and some might be a better choice for you than others. Kratom is such an interesting botanical, so don’t limit yourself to one variety, instead, try them all until you find the right fit!

We have a commitment to excellence at Etanicals and we strive to provide the safest and most high-quality Kratom on the market. The satisfaction of our customer base is crucial, which is why we always lab test our products. 

If you would like to learn more about our wide variety of extracts and botanicals, then click here today!


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