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green kratom

Kratom, the leafy evergreen tree that is also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, has been hailed as a miracle plant for centuries in Southeast Asia. This special plant is garnering the attention of many people in the West currently. 

With the popularity increasing there are many questions surrounding the Kratom plant. One of the biggest questions being what are the different strains? We are going to dive into Green Kratom and give you all of the information you need on this energizing varietal. 

Let’s get started.

Understanding the Origins 

To fully understand Green Kratom we have to start at the beginning. Kratom has been grown in countries like Indonesia, Borneo, Thailand, and Malaysia for years and used in socio-religious ceremonies and as a stimulant for workers. 

The leaves of the plant were picked and then chewed fresh or dried and brewed into a potent tea to be enjoyed during gatherings. The trees can grow up to 100 feet. The leaves of the tree are all green however the vein color can vary from red, white, or green. 

Currently, Kratom use is supported by thousands and has been widely hailed for its ability to help addicts recover from their struggles with opiates. The reason for the success of recovery is largely due to the unique alkaloids present in Kratom. 

Discovering the Alkaloids 

Alkaloids are unique compounds that exist in nature. They have an astounding effect on humans including the following properties:

  • Antifungal
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Pain relief

These properties are what make Kratom such a wonderful botanical. Within Kratom leaves there are two alkaloids that are unique to Kratom they are 7-hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine. These alkaloids produce a variety of sought after effects and will vary in strength depending on the strain of Kratom. 

Green Kratom is often referred to as being a perfect middle of the road Kratom because of its balanced effects. This is due in part to the alkaloid content in the leaves. 

There are various factors that contribute to the alkaloid potency of Kratom including the origin of cultivation and the means of curing the leaves. 

Why Is It Called Green Kratom 

As we said earlier, there are different colors of the veins on the leaves of Kratom. However, there is some debate on the reasoning behind the colors concerning Kratom. 

While the leaves do have different color veins, it is rare to find actual green or white-veined varieties. Many people think that when they see Green Vein Kratom that is is due to the vein color but in fact, it is actually due to the drying and curing process.

During the drying process, Kratom will develop different colors and the alkaloid content will change. In the case of Green Kratom, the leaves are harvested and then dried mostly indoors under UV light. This process helps keep the bright green hue of the Green Vein varietals. 

Other Kratom strains such as Red Vein are generally left to dry longer or fermented lightly giving them the unique reddish hue that they are known for having. 

Why You Should Choose Green

If you are new to Kratom, choosing a Green Vein is a great option. You will find this variety more approachable and somewhat milder than Red and White. Seasoned Kratom lovers enjoy Green Veins because of their accountability.

Green veins are excellent for mental focus making them optimal varieties for performance and social settings. 

What Makes Green Kratom Different 

The White and Red Vein Kratom varieties are known for their strength. The red varieties can be very sedating and are great for pain relief. White Vein varieties are known for being very stimulating and energizing. 

Green Vein Kratom is unique in that its effects are highly balanced. Green Kratoms produce a sense of focus and euphoria that enthusiasts and newbies both enjoy. Some Green Vein Kratom does help with anxiety and pain relief as well. 

Different origins will affect the effects of Kratom. Certain regions are known for having longer-lasting effects while others are known for their mild qualities.

The Uses of Green Varieties

Green Kratom has a variety of benefits such as increased energy and stamina and mental focus. The effects of Kratom will vary depending on the alkaloid content. Thai Kratom is generally known as having higher alkaloid content in the leaves. 

There is no one right or wrong Kratom for an individual. The effects of these varieties give Kratom fans a sense of well-being and uplifted mood. Let’s look at the benefits of some of the top varieties of Green Kratom. 

Green Maeng Da 

Maeng Da Kratom was originally cultivated in Thailand for its potency and quality. Green Maeng Da is a favorite in the Kratom community. The effects are energizing and uplifting and are great for the afternoon pick-me-up.

Green Vein Borneo 

While generally Red Vein Kratom is sought out for pain relief, this varietal is excellent for diminishing pain. In addition to pain relief, Green Borneo Kratom is also exceptionally potent and long-lasting. 

Green Vein Bali 

This variety is grown in the luscious country of Bali. This strain has a higher alkaloid content and has balanced yet stimulating effects. This type of Kratom is good for relieving anxiety, especially in a social setting. 

Green Vein Sandai

This Kratom is milder than some of its cousins. The effects are balanced and energizing. This type of Kratom is great to start the day or for a light energy boost. 

Green Vein Thai

Thai varieties are known for being amongst the strongest types of Kratom. You can expect strong energy as well as a sense of euphoria with long-lasting effects and quick onset. 

How to Enjoy Kratom 

While Kratom leaves were traditionally enjoyed raw or brewed into a tea, there are many other ways you can utilize the Kratom. Green Kratom, has a slightly less bitter flavor that White and Red Kratom. However, the texture and taste together can be a little challenging. 

Kratom is usually sold in powder form but you can choose to buy it in capsules or encapsulate your own. 

If you decide that you do not want to use capsules and stick with the powder form here are some options for you:

  • Blend with fruit in a smoothie
  • Mix with applesauce or yogurt 
  • Toss and wash (measure out Kratom and mix with water)
  • Brew into a tea and serve with honey or agave
  • Mix with stimulating spices like cinnamon 

Just like coffee, green varieties are great for pick-me-ups in midafternoon or as a part of your morning routine. With that being said, Kratom is related to the coffee plant so stay away from mixing the two or you could become overstimulated. 

Keeping it Natural 

Using Kratom means that you are choosing botanicals over synthetic medications. Green Kratom is a holistic way for you to manage stresses and anxieties and increase your focus. 

Synthetic medications for pain and anxiety can be highly addictive. Using Kratom to support yourself is a natural choice for your health. Botanicals like Kratom have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. 

Finding a Reputable Source

Kratom is popping up everywhere these days, however, the quality is not matching the quantity. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with knock-off Kratoms that are full of harmful binders, fillers, and other adulterants. This is why it is crucial that you find a reputable source for your Kratom needs. 

When purchasing Kratom look for a COA meaning certificate of authenticity. These certificates show that the Kratom has been tested for safety by a third-party. The certificates should also indicate the chemical makeup of the strain that you choose, showing you exactly what alkaloids are present. 

Making the Best Choice 

When you decide that you would like to explore Kratom it is important to identify what you are looking to experience. If you are looking for a balanced and uplifting experience then Green Kratom is an excellent choice. As we touched on earlier, certain green varieties provide anxiety and pain relief. 

Make a list of what you are hoping to accomplish with Kratom as it will help you find the strain that best fits your needs. There are dozens of different strains of Green Kratom. Take your time to learn about them and explore different types.

When you find the Kratom that is best for you always follow proper dosing guidelines and use Kratom responsibly. 

If you are ready to learn more about how Kratom can benefit you click here!


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