Brewing Perfect Kratom Tea And 9 Other Recipes For Delicious Energy

kratom tea

If you’re looking for some natural ways to take care of your health, purchase the most effective supplements.

Kratom happens to be one of the most sought after health supplements today, and people use it in several different forms.

It’s a type of leaf that comes from a tree native to Asian countries. Tea is one of the most common ways that people take kratom.

Keep reading to learn more about kratom tea and other methods for taking this wonder supplement. 

What Are the Benefits of Kratom Tea?

Taking kratom in its natural leaf form or as a powder is helpful to people in many ways. There are several conditions and ailments that kratom can help treat.

For example, people use it for improved energy to get through their days and weeks. It provides stimulation, without the jittery effect that you might get from coffee.

Kratom is also excellent for brain health and other types of mental function. 

You will function at your best because of the improved focus kratom provides. Improvements in focus are useful since many people have problems staying in the moment and deal with anxiety in their everyday lives.

There are also many strains of kratom you can use to help you feel relaxed after a long day of work.

Relaxing kratom strains are helpful since so many people already suffer from chronic insomnia and other sleep problems. 

Taking doses of kratom tea or some other kind of recipe will help you capitalize on these benefits. Always read up on kratom and its side effects to choose the method that works best for your lifestyle. 

What Tips and Recipes Should I Keep in Mind?

It’s all about choosing the most viable recipes and tips when looking into taking kratom regularly, 

You can shop for several different types of kratom powder suitable for any recipe. Here are a few of the tips and recipes you should employ:

1. Brew the Perfect Batch of Kratom Tea

Whether you’d like to use Green Bali kratom, Green Hulu kratom, or Red Kapuas, brewing and steeping tea is one of the best options. 

Tea is a popular option because it’s tasty, and you can sip it at your leisure. 

If you’re going to prepare some fresh kratom tea, start with the leaves or powder that is suited for the effects that you’re looking for.

One kratom formula might be better for a boost of energy. At the same time, another may be better for stamina and mental sharpness. 

Carefully prepare your tea so that it is potent and easy to drink. 

Boil the water for a few minutes, before mixing your kratom into a large teapot. After it has boiled, turn down and allow this mixture to simmer for about 20 minutes or so.

Once your tea is steeped, make sure it’s cool enough to drink without burning your mouth. You will be able to drink this tea throughout the day and throughout the week.

The tea itself will have a very bitter taste. You will add lots of flavor to it with raw honey, agave syrup, brown sugar, and other sweeteners.

Drink this tea first thing in the morning if you would like to really get a pep in your step that will last for several hours without a crash. The lack of a crash is why so many people prefer kratom tea to coffee and other drinks.

2. Use Kratom in Your Apple Sauce

It’s effortless to dilute the bitterness of kratom when you mix it in with naturally sweet foods. Applesauce fits the bill because it is tasty and sweet without you having to even add any sugar.

Since apples lower your blood pressure, you’ll multiply the relaxation and mental calm that kratom brings. 

People enjoy their applesauce with cinnamon because it provides contrast in the flavors. This will be a helpful addition when you’re mixing kratom with your applesauce.

3. Blend a Fresh Smoothie

Kratom also goes well in several different types of smoothies.

You need to be sure that the smoothie has plenty of sweet fruit or other substances to offset the taste altogether. 

Some great ingredients that you can blend into a kratom-based smoothie include pineapple, berries, and avocado. Try out different flavor options to see which will make your smoothie as palatable as possible. 

Invest in a nutritional blender that will mix these smoothies in ways that are easy to enjoy. Consider using orange juice, watermelon juice, tangerine juice, and apple juice to base these smoothies. 

4. Make Some Kratom Yogurt

Mixing some kratom powder in with your yogurt is an excellent idea because it’s already sweet, cold, and creamy. 

This provides a useful contrast for your yogurt so that you can scoop it up and enjoy it on your terms. Coconut yogurt is an excellent base for you to ingest the kratom. 

Top it off with things like chocolate chips and agave syrup to sweeten the meal even more. 

5. Grab Some Sweeteners to Make Summer Drinks

You will love the pick-me-up that kratom provides in the summertime mainly. Something like a country-style lemonade drink will be excellent for your kratom drink. 

You may also use some ingredients such as cucumbers, watermelon, and kiwi. 

If you’re trying to really make your summer drink a winner, consider some excellent sweeteners. A little bit of fresh honey or stevia can work tremendously with these drinks. 

Make sure to include plenty of big ice cubes so that they melt slowly and provide the right amount of chill and dilution for your drink. 

6. Go the Toss and Wash Route

This tip is helpful for people who just don’t have the time or desire to go through a series of preparations. 

The toss and wash route allows you to just throw some of the kratom powder into your mouth and then wash it down with water. Always make sure that you have your water or other beverage readily available. 

Start with a small amount of kratom powder so that it isn’t challenging to get down. 

7. Enjoy a Green Smoothie

Green smoothies are also excellent when you want to enjoy a kratom recipe.

Chlorella and spirulina should be taken every day to get the full range of proteins, vitamins, and minerals that come with it. You may also want to add things like kale, spinach, and cucumbers. 

While most people turn to sweeteners, green vegetables and other foods also work wonders at neutralizing the harsh taste of the kratom.

You’ll also enjoy the energizing and digestive benefits, which work hand in hand with the benefits that kratom already provides. 

8. Chew on the Leaves

If you’re purchasing kratom by the leaves, rather than powder, you can enjoy a lot of the benefits by merely chewing them. 

You will absorb the compounds through your cheek and mouth membrane. This is a fast-acting way to enjoy these health advantages. 

The act of sitting and chewing the leaves in itself can also be relaxing and meditative. Make sure to remove any stems or veins so that they don’t scratch your mouth, tongue, or gums. 

9. Create a Kratom Tincture

Finally, a tincture can be one of the best ways to ingest kratom. Tinctures are dense and filled with potent quantities of kratom.

It’s a useful way to consolidate the leaves or powder that you have purchased in larger amounts. You’ll be able to take the tincture sublingually or mix it in with water or a beverage. 

To create your own tincture, you will need to grab a bottle of 80-proof or greater alcohol, along with some citric acid.

Be careful and patient during the extraction process. Feel free to include sweeteners and other additives that will make your texture taste delicious. 

Enjoy Kratom and Its Energizing Effects

It’s easy to see why so many people drink kratom tea.

You will begin improving your health by leaps and bounds when you find whatever technique helps you take your kratom whenever you need it. 

We source nothing but the highest quality organic kratom and specialize in all sorts of botanicals and other forms of natural products. We’d be happy to sell you whatever you need. 

Take some time to contact us when you’d like to learn more about the kratom products that we offer. 


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