A Trainer’s Guide to Kratom’s Effect on Athletic Performance

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For many athletes, there is a lot of pressure to perform better, become stronger, and move faster. This is why the temptation of steroid use for athletes is very high. However, according to research, anabolic steroid misuse can lead to side effects such as a weakened heart, strokes, high blood pressure, and decreased sexual function. 

This is why many athletes are turning to use kratom for athletic performance instead. If you are an athlete, you may want to type in “kratom near me” in your search bar instead of steroids, as kratom is not only safer, but it also has incredible benefits to improve your energy and overall athletic performance.

The only question is, how can you maximize the use of kratom for athletic performance, and what strain of kratom is the best to use? 

Thankfully, we’ve created this guide for athletes and gym enthusiasts to help you learn more about kratom and its effects on athletic performance. Keep on reading to learn more.

What is Kratom?

Kratom powder comes from the leaves of an evergreen tree called the Mitragyna Speciosa, which grows in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Myanmar. The leaves are similar to the coffee plant and contain numerous flavonoids and alkaloids. 

Each one of these countries has a different strain of the plant, as their different soils and climate offer something unique to its growth and development. Some strains have more of a calming effect which helps with anxiety and depression, and other strains work well for pain relief. Some other benefits of kratom include weight loss, improving concentration, and helping to calm digestive problems.

Kratom has been used for centuries in these countries for both a stimulant effect and medicinal purposes. People used to chew the leaves for an energy boost or drink kratom tea to help with certain ailments. These people also used kratom during religious ceremonies as they believed it was a gift from the planet. 

It has only been recent that kratom has made its way into the mainstream market as many people have been typing in “kratom near me” into their search bar in hopes that it can help offer benefits such as improving athletic performance.

Kratom For Athletic Performance

Unlike steroids, kratom may not improve muscle function directly as it does not contain any muscle-building or enhancing properties. 

That being said, kratom has numerous benefits that indirectly improve your athletic performance in various ways, including energy enhancement, pain relief, increasing focus and concentration, and weight loss.

Dr. Darshan Singh, a scientist at the University of Malaysia, states that kratom can be used to treat pain or increase stamina in the gym. He also claims that Malaysian footballers use kratom tea to overcome fatigue and increase performance during their football matches.

Benefits of Using Kratom for Athletic Performance

There are numerous benefits of using kratom for improving your athletic performance, which is why many people have been turning to look for kratom near me instead of other sports enhancement stimulants. We will cover a few of the main benefits of using kratom for physical benefits.

Reduced Pain

If you work out hard in the gym, you are familiar with the painful experience of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). If you are increasing your workload and challenging yourself in the gym, this pain will never fully go away. 

While this pain is expected as you are tearing your muscle fibers to grow back stronger, it can still be uncomfortable. Sometimes, DOMS can feel so severe that you may have to miss a day at the gym.

Thankfully, kratom works incredibly well for reducing pain, thanks to its opioid-like properties. Now you can continue to workout, and not miss a day in the gym because of pain.

Improved Focus

Having focus and strong determination is a key element to improving your performance. This means you have to work out with no distractions so that you can focus on your mind-muscle connection. This can be hard if you are training in a place where people want to talk and distract you.

Lower doses of kratom can stimulate your brain’s performance and increase your perception so that you won’t be distracted during your workouts. 

Increased Energy  

Your energy levels can vary greatly for many reasons, such as lack of sleep, hormonal shifts, change in diet, travel, and stress. These factors are common hinders to athletic performance and can negatively impact your physical results. 

If you are training for endurance, strength, or stamina, you need to have a higher amount of energy to pull you through a long grueling workout.

According to research, kratom can be used to enhance energy levels in anyone from elite athletes to the average gym participant.  By using the right kratom strain, it can help you to boost your energy levels and help you to stay in peak performance.

More Definition

Every athlete knows that to display their muscles, they have to rid of the layers of fat that are covering them. This is difficult when you have multiple cravings for food that doesn’t belong in your diet plan. 

Thankfully, one of kratom’s many benefits is curbing your appetite and controlling cravings. By using kratom as a part of your cutting plan, you can avoid eating those unhealthy foods that hide your hard-earned work in the gym.

More Motivation

To get optimal results in the gym, you need to have a consistent workout program and follow it! This can be hard in today’s busy world with so many demands. Because of this, some days you feel too exhausted to even think about going to the gym.

Also, the western lifestyle is so mentally-exhausting that the last thing you want to think about is lacing up your trainers and going to the gym. 

The problem with this is that to have results, you need both the mental and physical drive to get you there, especially on those days you do not want to. 

By using the right strain of kratom, specifically Maeng da kratom, you can overcome these defeating moments and improve your mental focus and motivation. If you know that you have a tough day ahead, take a small dose of kratom to help you push through and finish your day off with a great workout.

Weight Loss

Most weight loss products cause energy crashes, jitters, and long nights of restlessness. This is because they are pumped full of caffeine and synthetic ingredients. Energy is always borrowed from your reserves, so eventually, weight loss products will cause you to burn out, and possibly gain the weight back.

Maeng Da Kratom is known for its potent weight loss properties such as alkaloids. These compounds help to speed up your metabolism, suppress your appetite, increase energy levels, and increase alertness.

Is Kratom Legal For Athletes?

Kratom is restricted in several states, however, it is legal under federal law. The FDA tried to add the active compounds (mitragynine and 7-HMG) of kratom to their schedule 1 drug list, because of its opioid-like effects on the brain. 

After further consideration, they realized that while kratom does activate the opioid receptors, it is chemically different than opioids, so they removed it from the list. For years, kratom has been monitored by the world anti-doping agency, but since 2018, it has been taken off their monitoring list.

This means that as an athlete, you will not get in trouble for using kratom during your athletic performances, but there is a slight chance that the agency will question your intentions behind your use. Their only defense now is to advise people to be cautious of the use of kratom with medication, drug, and alcohol contraindications.

How to Take Kratom For Athletic Performance

Higher doses of kratom cause a sedative-like effect, which could negatively impact your athletic performance. This is why you need to be cautious about your doses when using kratom for sports and the gym. 

High doses, however, do have benefits for athletic recovery. If you are in pain after a heavy workout, a higher dose of kratom will reduce your pain and induce relaxation. This causes your muscles to indirectly relax, which allows for a better recovery. 

If you are new to using kratom, you will want to start with a very small dose until your body gets used to the amount. As you adapt, you can slowly work your way up to a larger dose. 

When using kratom for athletic performance, make sure you are using a smaller dose to enhance your energy levels and heighten your focus and concentration. 

Kratom Near Me: Where to Find the Best Kratom For Performance

Now that you know the incredible benefits of using kratom for boosting athletic performance, you are probably wondering “where can I find kratom near me?” 

We have an online kratom store, with the highest quality kratom available on the market. Check out our online store and find the kratom strain that works best for you. 


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