A Comprehensive Guide on How to Use Kratom

how to use kratom

Over the last several years, kratom has become known as a controversial substance in the U.S. and throughout many other countries. There are lots of people who swear by its benefits, especially when it comes to managing symptoms of opioid withdrawal. At the same time, though, there are others who have concerns about its safety and efficacy.

If you’re not sure where you stand on kratom, or if you want to learn more before you start using it, keep reading. Explained below are helpful tips on kratom’s benefits, as well as how to use kratom in a safe way that helps you see good results.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom trees (also known as Mitragyna speciosa) are native to Southeast Asia (specifically, countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand). The leaves of these trees are known for serving a wide range of medicinal purposes and having stimulating and/or sedating effects. 

Kratom leaves are often dried and served in tea form. They can also be powdered and placed in capsules for easy consumption. 

These leaves contain a variety of active plan compounds. The most potent ones, though, are mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. These two compounds act upon certain receptors in the brain and are responsible for the stimulating and pain-relieving effects for which kratom is best known.

Most Popular Kratom Strains

Kratom comes in many different strains, each of which has its own benefits and characteristics. The following are some of the most popular kratom strains sold on the market today:

  • Bali Kratom: This strain is best known for providing an energy boost while also relieving pain
  • Maeng Da Kratom: Another energizing strain known for its pain-relieving properties
  • Red Vein Kali: This is a strain known for its relaxing, pain-relieving, and sedative effects
  • Red Indo: Another pain-relieving strain that also has sedative properties
  • White Vein Kali: A more energizing strain than Red Vein Kali that also has pain-relieving effects
  • Super Green Malaysia: A unique strain that has pain-relieving properties, similar to a red strain, but also has energizing and euphoric properties, similar to a white strain

There are plenty of other strains of kratom out there that you can choose from. However, these are some of the most well-known strains to consider when you start shopping around.

Benefits of Kratom

There are lots of reasons why people make kratom a regular part of their supplement routine. Here are some of the greatest health and wellness benefits it has to offer:

  • Increased energy in small doses (without causing jitters or anxiety)
  • Potent pain relief, due to it being a partial opioid agonist (meaning it binds to the opioid receptors to relieve pain but without the same harmful effects of traditional opioid drugs)
  • Improved mood, especially for those struggling with depression or anxiety
  • Reduces symptoms of opioid withdrawal
  • Improves cognition and focus
  • Improves sleep quantity and quality by promoting relaxation and relieving pain before bed
  • Anti-convulsive properties, making it a good option for those with certain seizure disorders

As you can see, there are lots of reasons why someone might want to incorporate kratom into their day-to-day life.

If you struggle with chronic pain, insomnia, depression, addiction, or any of the other conditions mentioned above and want to find relief with a more natural substance, kratom can be a useful solution. It doesn’t come with as many side effects of traditional medications, and it’s also not as habit-forming for most people.

How to Use Kratom

Are you interested in experiencing the benefits kratom has to offer? Are you unsure of how to use it to ensure you experience these benefits?

Here are some tips to keep in mind that will help you reap the benefits of kratom without experiencing a lot of side effects:

Choose Your Kratom Strain

One of the first things to consider when you’re getting ready to use kratom for the first time is the strain of kratom you want to use. To choose the right strain, you need to think about the effects you want to experience.

For example, if you want to use kratom to increase your energy, it wouldn’t be a good idea to use a strain like Red Vein Kali that’s known to have sedative properties. Instead, you’d be better off using a strain like Bali Kratom that has energizing effects. 

If you’re not sure which kratom strain will work best for you, start by looking at labels or descriptions of different strains when shopping online. This will help you get an idea of what each strain does and will make it easier for you to narrow down your options.

Choose Your Kratom Type

In addition to the strain of kratom you want to try, you also should think about the way in which you want to consume it. Do you want to drink it in tea form, for example, or would you rather purchase a powder that you can add to food or beverages to mask the taste?

There are many different ways that one can take kratom, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding an option that works for you. When shopping in a store or online, pay attention to the types of kratom that are sold there.

Consider your preferences, too. For example, if you don’t really enjoy drinking tea, buying kratom tea might not be the most appropriate choice. You might be better off taking kratom capsules or using kratom powder. Don’t get so caught up on the “best” way to take it that you forget to factor in what works best for you.

Start with a Small Dose

In general, when you ingest kratom for the first time, it’s best to start with a small dose. This will help you to experience its benefits without having to worry about potential side effects (grogginess, nausea, etc.).

Most dosage guides make the following recommendations to help you decide how much kratom to take (based on the intensity of its effects): 

  • Mild dose: 3-5 grams
  • Moderate dose: 4-10 grams
  • Strong dose: 8-15 grams
  • Very strong dose: 12-25 grams

Keep in mind, too, that it’s okay to start with less than what’s considered a mild dose. If you’re the type of person who tends to be very sensitive to herbs and supplements, starting with just one or two grams might be sufficient. You can always add more if you don’t feel any effects, but you can’t take away if you consume too much in the beginning.

Measure Your Results

Most people can tell pretty quickly whether or not kratom is an effective supplement for them. It takes effect within a couple of hours of consumption, so it doesn’t take long to determine if the strain and dose you took was a good fit.

That being said, it can still be beneficial to measure your results and take note of how you feel after using kratom. Monitoring the way you feel and how kratom influenced your symptoms can give you more data to work with. It can also make it easier for you to decide if kratom is something you want to continue using long-term. 

Don’t Overuse It

One reason why people are wary of kratom is that they have concerns about it being habit-forming. Because it’s a partial opioid agonist, it’s true that kratom does have the potential to be habit-forming. The risk is much lower than the risk associated with other drugs, though.

If you’re worried about building up a tolerance to kratom or becoming too dependent on it, try not to overuse it. If you only consume it a couple of times per week, you’ll be less likely to become tolerant to it. You’ll also continue to experience its benefits and find more sustained relief from your symptoms. 

Buy High-Quality Kratom

Finally, be sure to buy high-quality kratom from a reputable seller. Kratom is legal in the United States, but there’s not a lot of regulation around its production or sale. As a result, there are plenty of questionable individuals out there who are selling questionable products to try and make a quick buck.

To avoid buying a subpar kratom product, look for a seller that has positive reviews from previous customers. Look into the quality of their product and find out about their return policy, too. If they have a solid return policy, that’s a good sign that they stand behind what they sell and are confident that it’ll be beneficial to you.

Start Taking Kratom Today

Now that you know more about how to use kratom properly, are you interested in giving it a try? Keep the information outlined above in mind, especially when it comes to choosing the appropriate kratom strain and kratom dosage. Remember these tips and you’ll be more likely to experience relief from your symptoms and have a positive experience.   

If you want to use a high-quality kratom product, be sure to visit our online store today. We offer a wide range of kratom strains and types, so it’ll be easy for you to find an option that fits your needs and preferences.

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