A Complete Guide to Understanding White Kratom

white kratom

Kratom, which is also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tropical evergreen tree that is native to countries like Borneo, Thailand, Bali, and many other Southeast Asian countries. The plant has been cultivated for thousands of years and has recently gained popularity in the West. White Kratom is an especially sought-after variety of Kratom that enthusiasts of the plant love.

We are going to take an in-depth look at all things White Vein Kratom so you can understand the complexities of this beloved strain. 

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In the world of Kratom, you will hear the words Strain and Vein used constantly, and sometimes, interchangeably. The standard of original thinking was that Kratom, grown in the wild, had 3 different Vein varieties: Green, White, and Red.

While this is true, currently it less likely that you will find Green and White varieties growing in the wild.

Strain or Vein

The varieties of Kratom have always been praised to have different effects, alkaloid content, etc. The Strain, however, was said to be the area or style in which the Kratom was grown or cultivated. 

For example, one might see Kratom listed as follows:

  • Red Vein Borneo
  • Green Vein Maeng Da
  • White Vein Hulu
  • Red Betuangie
  • White Vein Sandai 

These descriptors for sale helped the wholesalers and cultivators identify the products they were selling and purchasing. However, as Kratom has gained further popularity in the West, we are beginning to see that the original method of identification might be slightly off. 

New Information

What we are seeing currently regarding classifying Kratom is that the curing process effects whether its label will read as Red, Green, or White. 

Red varieties are often cured longer and harvested later than the White or Green varieties. These practices alter the alkaloid content of the Kratom leaves which in turn yields different results. 

It breaks down to the fact that White Vein Kratom, regardless of its origin of growth, is picked and cured differently than the other varieties, and in turn, the process yields different results. 

What Are Alkaloids 

As we mentioned earlier, Kratom has a special ingredient that is all-natural and responsible for its sought after effects – alkaloids. Kratom leaves contain over 40 different alkaloids, two of them, Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, are unique to the Kratom plant.

Alkaloids are special in the sense that they have a profound effect on the human body. Alkaloids are shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, anti-cancer properties, and antimicrobial properties as well as pain-relieving abilities. 

The best news? White Kratom is full of them! 

Is There a High?

The alkaloids that are present in all varieties of Kratom do produce certain effects that Kratom enthusiasts enjoy. The white strain, in particular, has high concentrations of alkaloids that produce effects such as:

  • Optimism 
  • Energy 
  • Euphoria 
  • Pain relief
  • Excitement 
  • Alertness
  • Reduced anxiety

We would be more apt to describe these as pleasant effects rather than a Kratom high.

The effects greatly vary depending on things such as the accuracy of use and concentration of alkaloids in the strain.

How is White Vein Kratom Different 

Besides having a different curing process than the other strains, it is known for being more uplifting than other varieties. Varieties of Red Vein Kratom are often hailed for their relaxing and pain-relieving qualities and Green Vein Kratom is often said to have euphoric or anxiety-relieving abilities. 

White Vein varieties are potent, so if you are new to Kratom you should start slowly. The alkaloid content can be high with certain varieties of White Kratom such as White Vein Maeng Da or White Vein Thai. 

How to Find the Right Kratom

As we said earlier, White Kratom has a variety of different strains such as Thai and Maeng Da. Each strain is hailed for its different properties. Finding the right White Vein Kratom for you largely depends on what you are hoping to achieve. 

Some White Kratom varieties are very stimulating and uplifting. Other varieties can give a sense of focus and energizing euphoria. White Vein Kratom from Indonesia can give some mild pain relief. 

Each variety is unique. The best way to discover which Kratom is right for you is to try for yourself!

How to Purchase White Vein Kratom

White Kratom is available in a variety of different vessels. You can find White Kratom in extracts, capsules, or loose-leaf powder. Loose-leaf powders are the most common way to purchase White Vein Kratom. 

Generally, you will find it available in packages ranging from 30-250 grams. Purchasing online from a reputable source is the safest way to purchase your white Kratom.

Things You Should Know

Kratom is being sold in a variety of places right now. You can find it online, in shops, and even in gas stations. With that being said, Kratom is not created equally. Kratom of any color can contain harmful adulterants like binders, fillers, or heavy metals. 

That is why purchasing your Kratom from a reputable source is vital to a successful and safe Kratom experience. Third-party lab testing is the only way to verify the alkaloid content, origin, and safety. 

At Etanicals we strive to only provide the top quality products for our customers that have been unbiasedly third-party tested for your safety and satisfaction.

Choosing the Best White Vein Kratom 

There are so many varieties of White Kratom. From Thailand to Borneo, there is a strain for every person. Etanicals has a strong connection with the Kratom we sell from the time it is grown until it reaches your hands. 

Choosing to source your Kratom from a company that has responsible practices is good for you and good for the Kratom community!

We would love to connect further with you on all things Kratom! To learn more about us click here today!

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