Impressive Benefits of Blue Spirulina

blue spirulina

According to research, over 56% of Americans are not getting adequate nutrition. Unfortunately, malnutrition does not only affect those living in poverty, as poor food choices, poor food education, and gluttony are major causes of vitamin deficiency in the US. 

This problem leads many people to seek synthetic vitamins to fill those nutritional gaps. 

The major issue with that is most of those vitamins contain fillers and lack the nutritional needs of most people. 

Thankfully, there are superfoods such as blue spirulina that are packed full of nutrients, so that you can get multiple vitamins and minerals all at one time.

Unlike other vitamins in a capsule form, blue Spirulina powder is raw and alive. This allows for better absorption of its antioxidants, minerals, protein, and vitamins. 

So what is blue spirulina, and what are the benefits of consuming it daily? 

Keep on reading this detailed guide on all the impressive benefits of blue spirulina to learn more!

What is Blue Spirulina? 

Blue Spirulina is a blue-green algae, also known as cyanobacteria which grows in lakes, alkaline waterways, and ponds. To get really fancy, its scientific name is Arthrospira platensis. 

It gets its vibrant blue color from Phycocyanin, which is a powerful antioxidant known for its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to fight off free-radicals. 

Researchers are currently studying spirulina’s effects on reducing tumor growth in laboratory mice. 

What Is the Difference Between Green and Blue Spirulina? 

Green and blue spirulina are very similar as they both contain the powerful antioxidant Phycocyanin. This is because blue spirulina comes from the process of extracting the Phycocyanin from green spirulina. 

Green spirulina is a whole food source as it also contains other vitamins, minerals, and proteins that blue spirulina does not, however, blue spirulina is higher in antioxidants because of its Phycocyanin content. 

Aside from the color, the most obvious difference between green and blue spirulina is the taste. Thanks to the extraction process, the fishy taste of green spirulina gets left behind. This gives you a pure taste that can be blended into smoothies, smoothie bowls, chia puddings, energy balls, and other dishes without having to mask the fishy flavor. 

What Are the Benefits of Blue Spirulina Powder? 

In the natural vitamin world, anything that has a bright color is an obvious sign that it is packed full of antioxidants. Phycocyanin, which is the main active ingredient in blue spirulina, contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and anti-cancerous properties.

Now that you know what blue spirulina is, we will now cover the impressive benefits of consuming it daily.

1. Blue Spirulina is Anti-Cancerous

According to a recent study done by the International Journal of Biological Sciences, spirulina extract given to lab rats reduced their liver tumors from 80% down to an astounding 20%! They also noticed that a hot water extract of spirulina administered to patients proved to be a powerful anti-cancer and anti-viral agent.

One other study by the National Library of Medicine discovered that patients with oral tumors saw a 45% reduction in tumor size within a short time of consuming spirulina. However, when they stopped consuming spirulina, their lesions returned within a year. This is a clear display that the daily consumption of spirulina is essential for fighting off environmental and biological causes of cancer. 

2. Blue Spirulina is a Powerful Anti-Inflammatory 

Due to our fast-evolving world of technology, the environment around us is full of free-radicals which are unstable atoms that cause damage to our DNA and other parts of our cells. These unstable molecules are known to cause inflammatory health problems such as diseases, premature aging, and other conditions.

Thankfully, blue spirulina contains Phycocyanin which is known to reduce inflammation in the human body by fighting off the free radicals and protecting against cellular and DNA damage.

3. Blue Spirulina Improves Endurance 

Excessive exercise can lead to oxidative cellular damage, which can also lead to muscle fatigue and reduced performance. Thankfully, the anti-oxidant properties of blue spirulina can help to combat this oxidative damage and help fight athletic fatigue.

One study tested on athletic students discovered that when spirulina was added to their normal diet for 3 weeks, it significantly reduced the oxidative counts in their blood. After three weeks, their skeletal muscle damage was reduced and the point of exhaustion was extended. 

4. Blue Spirulina Removes Heavy Metals and Toxins 

Due to the demands for mass production of food and changes in the food industry, the typical diet is now full of heavy metals and toxins. This is particularly caused by genetic modification, also knowns as GMOs.

Our bodies do not know how to effectively remove these toxins on their own, which means that we must supplement to assist them with the process. 

Blue spirulina can bind with heavy metals and toxins while helping to remove them from our bodies. 

5. Blue Spirulina Improves Immunity 

Adequate nutrition is essential for improving our immune systems and fighting off viruses and diseases. Due to the lack of proper nutrition in the US, this causes a susceptibility for developing illnesses and sickness.

Green and blue spirulina are packed full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, which help to nourish our bodies at the cellular level and prevent the development of viruses and diseases. 

6. Blue Spirulina Helps With Weight Loss 

Our bodies are smart machines, and if they are not feeling nourished, they will continue to stimulate food cravings until they receive what they need. This is why malnutrition is linked to weight gain because your appetite will be stimulated until your body receives adequate vitamins, minerals, and nutrition.

Unfortunately, many people just keep eating junk food and not nourish their bodies in the way they need. Because green and blue spirulina is full of so many nutrients, simply adding one serving per day to your diet can help your body receive what it needs so that it can let go of excess fat. 

Get Your Nutritious Blue Spirulina Today

Now that you know the incredible anti-cancerous, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and weight loss benefits of blue spirulina, you are probably wanting to know where to find it.

Not all sources of blue spirulina are the same, so you must find the highest-quality source available. 

Thankfully, Etanicals holds the highest-quality blue spirulina available on the market. Check out our online store for your blue spirulina benefits today! 

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