5 Reasons of How a CBD Vape Pen Enhances Your Well-Being

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Approximately 14 percent of Americans use CBD (short for cannabidiol) products. Out of this group, 40 percent use them for pain, 20 percent for anxiety relief, and 11 percent for improved sleep quality.

Are you interested in giving CBD a try? If so, vaping is one of the best options, especially if you’re looking for a simple, effective delivery method. Read on to learn all about how a CBD vape pen can improve your well-being.

What Is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid that’s found in the Cannabis sativa or hemp plant. CBD is a unique cannabinoid because it does not cause any mind-altering effects (i.e., it won’t get you “high”).

Unlike THC (short for tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD doesn’t bind directly to the cannabinoid receptors. However, it does increase the reuptake of endocannabinoids (cannabinoids produced by the body). It also works with other receptors, including the serotonin receptors and the vanilloid receptors.   

How Do CBD Vape Pens Work?

There are many CBD delivery methods, from oils and tinctures that are placed under the tongue to topical creams and balms that are applied directly to the skin. CBD vape pens are another popular and easy-to-use option.

CBD vapes work by heating CBD vape oil until it turns into vapor. Then, you simply inhale the vapor into your lungs. From here, the CBD passes through the lungs and enters the bloodstream, which allows you to feel its effects.  

Why Use a CBD Vape Pen?

Vaping is one of the most efficient ways to consume CBD. When you use a vape, the CBD can get into your bloodstream much faster than it would if you consumed it orally and had to wait for it to pass through your digestive system.

The following are 5 of the most significant benefits you can experience when you choose vaping over other forms of CBD consumption:

1. Anxiety Relief

Lots of people use CBD vape pens for anxiety relief. If you struggle with general anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, or any other type of anxiety disorder, CBD may help you to feel calmer more at ease. 

CBD is a great tool because it helps to reduce some of the physical symptoms of anxiety. For example, it can help to lower blood pressure, slow down your heart rate, and minimize tremors. When you’re able to manage the physical signs of anxiety, it often then becomes easier to gain control over your negative thoughts and feel more in control.

When you vape CBD, you get to experience the anxiety-reducing benefits right away. You don’t have to wait around for oils or topicals to be absorbed.    

2. Reduced Pain and Inflammation

CBD is also well-known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits.

If you struggle with a chronic condition like arthritis, CBD may be especially effective. Many people find that, when they use it regularly, their range of motion improves, and they’re able to go about their day with less pain and discomfort. 

It’s common for CBD users to turn to topical CBD products when they’re dealing with pain. In reality, though, vaping may be more effective since it takes action quickly and provides faster relief. When you’re struggling with severe pain or inflammation and need relief as soon as possible, vaping is one of the best options. 

3. Reduced Nausea

Lots of people turn to CBD products to help them with symptoms associated with cancer treatment, such as nausea or vomiting. However, even if you haven’t gone through cancer treatment, specifically, you can still use CBD when you’re feeling nauseated. 

CBD nausea-fighting effects likely have to do with the fact that it interacts with the serotonin receptors. High levels of serotonin can contribute to nausea and vomiting. Because CBD binds to the serotonin receptors, it helps to minimize this issue.

We all know how miserable it is to be nauseated. When this feeling arises, you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible, and you don’t want to have to worry about swallowing and keeping down a traditional CBD oil. Vaping is an effective alternative that provides almost instant relief.

4. Improved Sleep Quality

Do you struggle with insomnia? Do you toss and turn for what feels like hours before you finally fall asleep at night? If you have sleep problems, a CBD vape pen may help.

There are a few reasons why CBD can improve your sleep quality.

First, it reduces anxiety. If you struggle to fall asleep because you’re stressed out or anxious about the day ahead, vaping before bed can help.

CBD also reduces pain. Chronic pain can contribute to poor sleep, and poor sleep can also make chronic pain worse. Vaping can help you to break this cycle, get some rest, and start feeling better. 

5. Better Post-Workout Recovery

Finally, CBD may also be effective for athletes and gym-goers who need help recovering from tough training sessions. CBD is an excellent recovery aid because it combats pain and inflammation. It may reduce post-workout muscle soreness and help you get back into the gym sooner.

CBD can also have a positive impact on your recovery because it improves sleep quality. During deep sleep, your body does most of its repair work and produces hormones associated with muscle growth. If you’re not getting good sleep, you’re going to have a hard time seeing the greatest results from your workouts.  

How to Choose the Right CBD Oil Vape Pen

At this point, you’re probably pretty intrigued by the idea of vaping CBD. You might also be wondering what you should look for when shopping for a CBD vape pen.

Here are some factors to consider when trying to choose the best pen:


Vape pens come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Choose a size that you can comfortably hold and use. You don’t want to have to do a bunch of adjusting or maneuvering when you’re trying to find some pain or anxiety relief, do you?

If you’re shopping in a store, try holding a few different sizes of pens to see what feels good to you. If you want to shop online instead, look at the measurements of each pen to try and get a sense of whether or not it’s a good fit (literally) for you.

Temperature Control

Good temperature control is one of the most important features to consider when shopping for a vape.

In general, it’s best to avoid pens that reach temperatures beyond 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures that are much higher than this will cause your vape oil to burn.

Look for a pen that offers easy temperature control options. That way, you can make adjustments as needed without having to guess at the exact temperature of your vape. 

Refillable vs Disposable

CBD vapes come in both refillable and disposable styles.

With refillable vapes, you simply swap out the CBD vape pen cartridge when you’re running low or want to try a new vape oil flavor or strength. With a disposable vape, you simply use it until all the oil is gone, then you toss it and get a new one.

Refillable vapes cost more upfront than disposable vapes. However, they are more cost-effective in the long run since you just have to buy new cartridges, rather than entirely new vapes every time you run out of oil. 

Battery Life

Whether you’re shopping for a vape pen alone or a CBD oil vape pen starter kit, take note of the vape’s battery life. Most packages will list on the back how long the battery lasts, on average.

If you’re only planning on using your vape at home, you might not need to worry so much about battery life. However, if you want to vape on the go and don’t want to find yourself with a low or dead battery, pay special attention to the average lifespan as well as the battery charging method.

Vape Oil Strength and Quality

Finally, make sure you’re paying attention to the strength and quality of the vape oils you’re thinking about using.

Consider how many milligrams of CBD the vape oil cartridge contains. This will help you get an idea of how strong it is and how many inhales it will take to feel the effects of the CBD.

Take note of the vape oil manufacturing process, too.

How is the plant from which the CBD is extracted grown? What process does the manufacturer use to extract the CBD from the plants? Is the oil tested for quality and purity?

Answering these questions will help you ensure you’re getting a safe, effective vape oil and setting yourself up for a positive experience.   

Experience the Benefits of CBD Today

From anxiety relief to better post-workout recovery, there are lots of benefits that a CBD vape pen can offer. 

Are you ready to start feeling your best? If so, follow the steps listed above so you can find the best vape pen for your needs.

Check out some of the other CBD products on our site, too. We offer a wide range of CBD oils, all lab-tested for safety, quality, and potency. 


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