Ways to Tell if Your Kanna Is Low Quality

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Are you interested in Kanna powder? When you go to buy Kanna, you might ask yourself, how do I know that this is a good quality? We have you covered!

This article will talk about ways you can tell your Kanna might not be of a great quality. Read on to explore these tips and say hello to high-quality Kanna today!

What Is Kanna? 

You can trace back and explore the history of Kanna to see it has been used for hundreds of years. Another name for Kanna is Sceletium Tortuosum and is a succulent found in South Africa. 

You can find it growing in areas where other plants aren’t able to. You can buy it as a tea, plant, or powder. You can also look into different extracts containing the alkaloids found in Kanna. 

Kanna Alkaloids

You can find multiple alkaloids in Kanna. One type is an alkaloid from the joubertiamine family. Another is from tortuosamine and Sceletium A4. The third is from the mesembrine-family. 

When Kanna is fermented, the mesembrine content is converted into Delta-7-mesembrenone. They might also have narcotic effects as well. 

Researchers think that Kanna impacts the amygdala. This is the central brain region that’s in charge of the processing of emotions.

It also changes the 2 proteins in the amygdala, 5-HTT, and SERT. It works similarly to antidepressants since it blocks the re-uptake of serotonin. 

It can also bind with post-synaptic neurons for longer since it stays active in the synaptic cleft. This causes the feeling of contentment and relaxation. 

Researchers also believe that it decreases the threat circuitry response in the brain. This is because it reduces subcortical threat reactions.

They believe that it promotes the release of monoamines. This is what improves behaviors and mood. All of the alkaloids include Mesembranol, Mesembrenone, and Mesembrine. 

Kanna History 

Before colonization in South Africa, Kanna was used by 2 tribes: the San and Khoikhoi. San is formerly Bushmen, and Khoikhoi is formerly Hottentots. 

They used Kanna for the relief of hunger, thirst, and fatigue. Some even used it for spiritual, social, and medicinal purposes. Records of this area are due to the historical reports from the colonists who lived there. 

Kanna Effects

Some believe that Kanna helps with stress and anxiety. You might notice that any insecurities or inhibitions you’re feeling will melt away. Some might even be able to appreciate nature more and enter a meditative state. 

While some find that it allows them to deepen their social contacts, others find it makes them more reserved. Some also take it for an energy boost and to increase their want to sing or dance. 


While some other herbs might be banned in certain locations, Kanna is legal and available from many stores. Many choose it over kratom if they live in an area where kratom isn’t allowed. Before beginning, check your area’s rules and regulations since some areas might have restrictions. 

Where To Buy Kanna? 

Kanna is less well known than kratom and other herbs, due to this it’s not as readily available. It’ll be almost impossible to find it in local shops. Your best option is to buy it through a reputable vendor online. 

Kanna Extract Powder vs Kanna Powder

Kanna extract powder is a stronger form of Kanna powder. This is because it comes from the whole plant and is concentrated down. It can be used to give your fermented or regular Kanna a boost. 

Regular Kanna powder is dried and packaged from the herb and after being crushed. Unprepared Kanna has benefits since it’s a shorter processing time. 

The one con of unprepared Kanna is that it might have higher levels of oxalic acid. In order to reduce this acid content, you can boil the powder. 

Heated Kanna Powder

When you heat Kanna powder it lowers the oxalic acid. This can be done by placing the plant on red-hot coals or burying it in hot sand until it’s dry.

The Different Ways To Take Kanna


Keep in mind that the effectiveness of Kanna decreases in tea. If you take too much Kanna in tea, it can lead to vomiting and nausea. The recommended amount for tea is about 200 to 400 mg. 

Brewing Tea

When you’re ready to drink Kanna as a tea, don’t heat the water more than a gentle simmer. You can squeeze the juice of a lemon into 1 1/2 cups of water. 

This is because lemon juice can interact with the active ingredients found in Kanna. Add the 200 mg of Kanna and let it brew for a few minutes. Once it’s complete, strain and drink it.

Other Herbs

Another herb that’s often compared to Kanna is kratom. Kratom comes from the Rubiaceae family. Other members of this family include gardenia and coffee.

Unlike Kanna, kratom comes from Southeast Asia. It’s grown in Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

You have similar options when it comes to consuming kratom. While many state that kratom relaxes you, many choose Kanna over kratom since it has fewer legality issues and some believe it’s safer. 

In the past, kratom was also taken to battle fatigue, and increase stamina and energy. It was used for centuries in the past. 

Instead of loosening stool, kratom can alleviate diarrhea. Some claim it helps with pain relief and opiate withdrawals. 

While Kanna has alkaloids, kratom does as well. In kratom, you can find 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine. While the alkaloid profiles vary, they both offer similar support.

Even though kratom isn’t legal in all places, it’s easier to find online, in local shops, etc. Your best bet is to choose your Kanna or kratom online from a trusted retailer. 

Check out what lab testing is performed, and the different strains they have available. Buying kratom online is normally a better option since you’ll have a variety of choices when it comes to the strain and rarity. The same as Kanna, if you decide to take kratom, speak with your doctor first if you have any medical conditions, or are taking medications. 

How To Tell if Your Kanna Powder Is Low Quality

Now that you’ve explored this guide on how to tell if Kanna powder is low-quality, you should have a better idea of what to expect. Take your time researching companies and choosing the right option for you. 

Would you like to get started with Kanna today? Check out our different products. You have options when it comes to Kanna!

Do you have questions? We can help!

Contact us today, and we’ll be sure to help you pick out the right herb for your needs. From Kanna to kratom, CBD, and extracts, we have you covered!

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